Why you need to use social media for business?

Have you ever got this question why to use social media for business in your mind? Well, even I got this before I stepped in my business. Reason being cost that is involved to keep my audience engaged the post and being a start up I could hardly afford any amount.

But I gradually realised that if I want to gain my audience trust and make them know “What I can do for them?” I should reach them there where they are spending maximum time.

How to Build up Business?


Today, we spend more time of ourselves, on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin , Google plus to get some real good information to trust in.

We choose our hotel and movie based on review we read by our friends and colleague on social sites.

So don’t you think, by using Social sites you can reach some untapped user for your Brand and also get in touch with them on a personal level for any kind of suggestion and appreciations.

I still remember, day when I had been to first Five star Hotel in Mumbai, after my dinner I was asked about my experience with them. I noticed they took in my reviews very seriously and manager personally looks into every small information mentioned. Somehow, that thing impressed me and why not? Who won’t like to get personal attention?

Customer Review

Today, when I look over to my business I know I will be glad to be appreciated by all small details I will receive from my audience. I may not be able to take all steps my audience are expecting at a stretch from me but with the medium of my social presence I know I can reach their deepest aspect.

So how can you leverage social media for your business?


Social Media for Business 1. Analyze your Products: Before you start creating social profile, analyse your products i.e who’s going to use          your products, where are you going to promote those products, are your customers buying through that                          platform, how are they landing towards your competitors profile?

2 . Login to social profile: Once you have analysed your products, understand wich social profile is meant for              your   Brand. As not every profile is going to be working for you and too many profiles can lead in                                    mismanagement too. So engage and build up profiles only where your audince are engaged.

 3. Finding a Manager to handle social accounts:


Before you start sending follow request and publicize about your social accounts. You need to understand  that managing all social accounts by yourself will get difficult. Sign up for social media managers like Hootsuite or BuzzBundle which manages all social accounts and also you can schedules your post too,so that you don’t have to sit all day along for your postings. It also has features to track your Brand Mentions , industry or search terms on Twitter in free version. I suggest to try the free version first, before opting fo paid one. You shall get many more managers in Google.

4.Give Regular updates: Before you start adding your friends and followers remember they are going to look at your page to check whether they have something to follow upon. Therefore you first need to give them a valid reason to get connected to your page. So, how can you do this? Well, simply by adding your valid details on your page, add industry pictures, add product review you would have received, try and add video if any on YouTube. And also share those videos to all you social accounts specifically Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus And LinkedIn.

5Finding Friends and Followers: Facebook you can add your friends and family or can also try some paid post with as low or $15 or Rs 100. Facebook advertising (won’t go much deep into this right now, you can keep checking my later blog post or click on the link if you want to know how can you work on Facebook advertising for business) can give your website and your products a boost in less than a month’s time. Login to Google Plus communities related to your Industry and comment on one of the posts immediately to get some attention. Search through keywords to find followers on Twitter and ask them if they will be interested in following you too. If they are good influencers than their one mention of your Brand can take it to a very high level. Look for news outlets, Bloggers who can add some review on their website for your Brand. This way you can gain traffic sources to your website within no time. But do remembers not to do anything of excess.


6. Engage Customer: Once you have a good number of people on your accounts engage with each of them. If they review your Brand be courteous to Thank them, if they express their dissatisfaction, then do address their issue and this way your Brand will build trust visibility.

So try and build a healthy relationship before you actually start selling your Products.

I know what you are  thinking now, you might be wondering how much does all this cost and what is time involved in this big process

Well, the process is not as big as my article 🙂 but yeah, you need to devote atleast 1 or 2 hours daily to get your Brand monetized.

Are there any risks involved?

Risk in Social Marketing Business

Oh yeah, we all business people are risk taker, but definitely all risks has to be calculative. Do remember it’s not necessary, you will get your results soon, some of your marketing campaign may get failed too. That’s why is it advisable to keep monitoring of every activity so you know are able to get the motive out of all this.

Also, keep track of all negative reviews or wrong mention about your Brand. As an online post gets viral very soon.

Even make sure you get legal and copyright work done before making any online campaigns.

Can social media drive traffic you need for your website?

If you are continuously active on your social media and are regularly maintained by supporting Brand then surely you can gain good traffic to your website.


Conclusion :

Increase your Online Introduction and Look established Brand. As your Online store is not only limited to your website, but also your presence in Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn account make your presence in the eyes of your Buyers. Infect people may also ignore your Products if they don’t find its presence online. So, Social Media presence is must in today’s businesses as at the very least it can bring some referral traffic to your website and Increase Brand awareness.

Today, it is becoming a big necessity for big to small sized companies for a Brand Positioning.

If you have ever used any social media feel free to describe your experience.