6 common points to know when designing and optimising your website

How many of you daily surf internet? I am sure 9 out of 10 reading this article visits many websites while surfing internet daily. At least 1-2 on an average, we do tend to surf new websites. So what? Now tell me how many of you really go through the website thoroughly and what appeals you the most? You look out for website design, images, proper product description many things which is done with good on page search engine optimisation (SEO) I mean we all have varied choices and preferences. What happens when you do not find any relevant data on that website that you are desperately looking out for? You obviously switch to some other website.

Website design and seo pointers


I know many of us have well established brands and businesses going on and doing really well.

Ever since Google has announced to consider and rank those websites that are responsive and provide its users a better experience , businesses and I guess even some of you have spent a huge amount in designing or redesigning your website keeping in mind the needs of modern trends with some technical help a, SEO and then have your brand hit online right? But are your resources resulting out to be worthy of your brand?

What next then?

Imagine you have a well set pleasing website yet you have no traffic generation, no conversions. Why is it so? After all, you paid good amount to the technical Pro or i will say a professional online marketing company yet no results at all. What is eating up your mind then? Things are not up to the mark it’s disappointing as well as discouraging. Audiences are failing to reach you. You’re feeling as if your efforts have gone in vain.

Your brand new in the world of social media and you are scared of your presence on Google?

You have a great website design because you have spent a good amount by hiring Pro. But are you aware of the basic pointers that you should ask and remind your hired Pro before setting up your website live to get a hit on search engines and into the hearts of the audiences? Is your website seo optimized as per the standards of search engines and basically as per Google?

Worried about how Google will welcome you online? Will your website get the desired ranking?

I am sure many of us are scared of the above questions and specially the newbie’s out here.

Times have changed and now you too can help your brand and crack the nightmare with some simple tips. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out. Sounds cool right? Then let’s get started.

Do you know search engines are always keeping focus on what the users want and they ensure that their needs are fulfilled on the results page of the respective search engines. The more exposure your brand gets through granting better solutions and catering the needs of your customers, the more and better are the chances to get your brand rank better on search engines.

But how can all this happen?

Always remember

Make your users happy and they will return their gesture with better rankings.

Have you ever thought even website’s have some basics need? Yes, just like the basic needs of human are food, clothing and shelter for their survival even websites have some basic needs to survive in the competitive market. 

Today you shall discover the 5 simple yet important elements of website optimization and what seo factors should be maintained by every brand before hitting online. 

  1. Poor website layout- Even if your website has excellent content and relevant data that can kill your competitors if you fail at setting out a suitable layout for your website your rich or original content will no longer matter. This is because audiences like to surf and visit the site that has sorted data in terms of category, period of occurrence, etc. In other words an easy navigation.

Poor website layout can lead to low traffic on your site letting your audiences migrate to other sites affecting your ranks indicating the disability in helping your audiences.

 For this you can take an digital marketing professional advice and arrange your website content as per the needs of the audiences. This shall include a few points like-

  • How will your home page appear? Will it grab the attention of your visitors?
  • Where can your audiences look out for the available products and services?
  • What and how many categories your brand needs?
  • Do you need any sub-category for your varied sections?
  • What kind of images you will supply?
  • How will you describe your product and services on the relevant pages etc.
  • Where can they find out your contact details if they need your assistance? How can they reach us?

Always ensure that the content you share on your website is up-to-date as well as effectively placed on relevant pages. This will enable your users to navigate through your site easily giving them a better scope to surf your website.

  1. Keyword accuracy Do you know- the query each customer types out with the help of some specified words is known as keywords. Keywords help customers to surf their query and cater their needs. It is because of keywords, SEO search began on search engines. If you fail to meet this basic need of your website two things can happen and hamper your efforts-
  2. The generated keywords will manage to attract traffic to your website, but will fail to generate qualified traffic that will give birth to conversions.
  3. Inefficient usage of keywords on your website will generate fair traffic on your site, but it will add a prove out to be fruitful for your competitors filling in their bucket of conversions because they are well versed when it comes to choosing and applying the correct keywords that will drive customers to land on their page.

This sounds like a real dilemma, how will I overcome this for my website?

Well, this too can be taken care of by putting into use keyword research.

  • Focus on search volume of your keywords. Make sure your keywords are matched and meeting the needs of your niche as well as consumers. Also keep a track of your competitor’s keywords that will give you a clear picture in wisely choosing your keywords.
  • Assure your purpose behind the keywords getting solved and granting worthy purpose to your consumers to cater their needs.
  • Opt for long tail terms that gives a wider scope for audiences to reach you that helps in quality traffic generation as well as increase conversions.
  • Keep on experimenting with your keywords on regular intervals with proper research as the market needs to keep on changing.

If at all the above mentioned points are missing out on your website optimization, then it’s a high time you diagnose, research and implement thoroughly.

Always keep in mind when you design a website to ensure that your keywords are precisely optimized on your website or else it would appear as a road without direction.

  1. Say no and goodbye to duplicate content- Ensure that the content on your site is not copy paste or appear similar as the one on any other site. Further see to it you are not adapting third party content for your site. No matter, be it partial or complete it will affect your presence online. If you are already practicing this it’s high time to stop following such silly seo blunders that can hamper your page ranking on Google which is a bad sign for your brand name. This is because the original content of the site is already considered and ranked by Google. Again, if it happens to find same on your site as well, there are chances that you will be banned or penalized by Google for stealing someone else’s content and sharing it proving it as your original content.
  1.  No matter what content will always be the king.

Content is like harvesting your land without worry about the fruits. You need to focus on planting the right seeds at the right time on right land with regular nourishment, rest all will work out well. This means that once when you are well versed with your keywords, focus on writing content for your audiences and not for your product. Writing for your audiences will give birth to strong bonds with your time, create brand awareness, brand loyalty thus giving birth to conversions.

In case you skip your audiences during content, Google will prioritize your content as low one and you may even not get the qualified traffic, which means your audiences will overlook your presence and move towards your competitors. 

So how do you create a better content?

These points will help you fix up your content leading to the proper optimization of your website- 

  • Ensure that your chief or primary keywords are used appropriately on your website so that the Google can rank your content accordingly as well as help the audiences navigate through your web pages easily. For eg : flats in mumbai
  • Google is changing the trends in a way as per the needs of its audiences. It is gradually switching from its old methods to the new ones. It is now constantly identifying as well as rewarding the sites that provides rich quality original content to its readers with genuine facts. This means that ensure the content on your website is fair enough for your readers in terms of- granting value, supplying right in-depth information & solutions, educating, engaging, highlighting your credentials, etc. this will thus make your audiences visit your website often whenever they are in search of the right information because your content is making them access all the required points which they are looking out for.
  • Last but not the least, always implement on the best SEO content practices that serves the needs of search engines rewarding you at its best. This means ensuring that your title tags are accurate and have suitable keywords for each and every page on your website as it gives Google the correct information about what that particular page on your website. 
  1. Avoiding or omitting the social media presence- With the rising competition and use of social media that helps in generating awareness to people in a short time, a large amount of audiences buying prospects, options of consideration are hugely getting dependent on social media marketing. Avoiding social marketing strategies is not a good idea as it gives your websites a chance to promote and boost your upcoming, new offers, deals, new content etc. not only this it also helps you to earn good traffic. It is not necessary to get yourself registered on all the social media channels but at least few ones that can help you get into the limelight by providing rich quality content that can lead to conversions. 

All you need to do is find the right social media strategies for your niche, track your competitor’s presence, market trends-

What customers like, dislike?

How and what information you will give out that will serve their needs along with the feel of concern that whatever you have shared is the basic that will make a huge difference.

This will thus help in building trust and authority in the minds and hearts of the consumers that there is someone out there who is ready to help them whenever they need help. This will also create brand loyalty, brand awareness, because these consumers will also recommend your name to many others through their experiences with your product, share content on social media as well as through word of mouth. Remember social media is a source that is spreading like a wildfire, changing and helping businesses and people take one new step ahead in catering the needs. 

  1. Conversion issues- Every brand when adopts SEO, its main aim is to not just to get qualified traffic but also earn profits on sales. The process of SEO is said to be effective when the traffic is generated, boosting up the level of sales than before.

You are thinking how can that be possible? All you need to apply is strong Call-To-Action button on your website. Without calls-to-action the amount spend on SEO is like a complete waste. It is not easy to drive in sales with no calls to action on your web page that can generate profits and building bonds with the customers.

Your calls to action can be in the form of giving out discounts on your products/services or stating a first consultation as free etc. giving out such offers doesn’t mean that you want are practising a typical marketing strategy, but it indicates that you are in the process welcoming potential leads for your business and serve them in best possible ways.

You can also opt to add on furnishing your readers with an e-brochure or pdf file or any other relevant data file that has more details about your product/ services. This can add an appealing feature for your potential customers and reach you out better.

Finally an important point that you can’t afford to miss is that try to keep a record of the sources that help the customers find you, like keep a track of search engines that help you in generating more leads so that you can improve on your SEO practices for your next campaign.

I hope this article will help you improve on your website blunders. You can also share more of website blunders apart from the above mentioned for your fellow readers and share your knowledge with us. 

Still having more doubts you can always seek help of an expert or reach us