Favor social media to enhance customer prosperity

Using social media to engage with audience


We all are slowly becoming techno savvy’s. Imagine the story of past century’s when people used to watch T.V for entertainment, used telephone to pass out urgent messages, not to be forgotten they wrote letters to their loved ones and a lot more… sounds so old fashioned yet memorable right? Now let’s come back to reality where we no longer wait to call or message or loved ones. Here comes into the picture the very famous and our favorite “social media”. In fact we now have live chats with them over our mobile phones, tablets etc.


So what’s the big deal? 9 out of 10 people use mobile phones.


Did you notice? People are turning mobile maniacs. Technology is speeding up to meet your best needs and everyone is trying to buck up. Our Hi, Hello’s are being replaced by What’s up, Holla etc.  People, businesses and brands are slowly tuning out to be following the mantra – “Being Social”.


Wait a minute, have a note of this- day by day end number of people all across the globe are registering themselves in some or the other new social media networking sites and trying out some not only exciting but also on sharing productivity through these channels of social media. Looking at the enthusiasm of individuals, many brands and businesses have enrolled themselves in the world of digital marketing beating the social media race and successfully making their mark with their online presence.

That means should I also step into social media for my customers? Yes of course why not? If not now then when? If not you then someone else will.


Slowly and steadily social media is now becoming a business hub for both buyers and sellers. The buying and selling perspectives and prospects are experiencing a major change with the introduction of social media into our lives. Everywhere on social media the trend is followed and goes viral in the form of posts, pins, tweets, likes and share. You name it and you get what you want. Almost every single need right from basics to luxury to serving people is there online. Yet many are lacking back in the process of not turning on to social media by ignoring it calling it expensive or failing to understand and using it in a right way. That is what that keeps them far away from experiencing success.


Now let’s have some reality check. Do you know how many of us are using social media right now, every second, every minute, every day? The figure is cannot be stated exactly. We all use social media daily sharing our thoughts, our picture’s (the new selfie craze), our idea’s, etc and are able to touch the hearts of our friends on our friend’s list. Do you know the same can happen in business too? Yes, you too can now easily target your audiences and reach them through social media and make good profit or ROI. May be some of you reading this article now are already using social media and have embraced fruitful results or may be not. The picture is still not clear in your mind.


The ones who are already using yet not getting recognized is a big turn off to spend a huge amount and yet not get any results. They are reaching out to the customers socially but are their customers reaching out back to them? The answer is no.  It happens, it’s okay. Don’t get disappointed. Have some more patience and read ahead how you can get that limelight on social media and make your customers reach you in turn.


Then what should we do to overcome this dilemma?


Today social media plays a vital role in granting out solutions and serves your needs successfully.

Be it shopping, watching movies, booking air tickets, hotel reviews, enquiring about services etc everyone, everywhere second use social media services to get instant reviews and recommendations and cater their needs. You name it and it is all there.


Have a look at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and many such social media platforms.

They are turning into huge hub for B2C. People want you to share all the best possible solutions in form of the deals that businesses provide in terms of results and good experiences. Try to understand the message they are trying to pass on through their content. The topics and things found on social media platforms are changing. People believe in sharing is caring.


Is social media really that big and powerful?


Social media is one such big platform that shares each and everything and that can go viral within a click in just few seconds. Caring happens when you step out of your way to help others when they go wrong or they need you. Delivering an experience is what your customer needs rather than just pitching fancy stories won’t do anything because they are passionate about sharing good experiences and good deeds.


Focus how being a company, sole business etc  can you enhance your customers lives? So what are the basic points that you need to focus on so that your customers turn back to you. Have a look at these few below-


  1. Track your chain of customers
  2. Chalk out the list of existing followers, new followers and think of bringing in new ones.
  3. Listen to your customers online, what do they want you to share
  4. Research about your customers as well as your competitors about the latest trends from all the possible various sources
  5. After a thorough detailed research focus on how can you give out the best solutions to your customers
  6. Hire some professionals and seek their help to climb one step ahead of your competitors in the social media race.
  7. Anchor on building strong and positive bond with your customers that will help you in generating ROI, word of mouth marketing and a lot more.
  8. Write a suitable content that focuses on the audiences first and then on your product
  9. Pass your message in form of a story as well as a solution.
  10. Make sure your audiences feel they are important to you in your content rather than just a marketing gimmick
  11. Share a strong content that can influence positive approach that allows generating more leads.
  12. Make them feel satisfied that you are concerned and keen to help them with all the best possible ways.
  13. Patiently hear out to their problems, negative reviews about you and positively work out well to improve yourself by being empathetic. Keep them happy because customer is the king and customer is always right.


Bear in mind, the more time you grant on your customers the more chances of them coming back to you and will refer your name to many. Remember a set of few people influence a bunch of group of more people.