How to use Linkedin to Generate leads for your business

When it comes to Social Media we hardly have been making it use for our business.

We are present on most of the social network to make our relationship stronger in personal and professional life It’s good! But are we actually fully utilising it for our business needs?

Well today we’ll talk about popular and unused social media Linkedin and learn how you can use  Linkedin to generate leads for your business

Basic analysis of Linkedin as social media channel

We all have been using Linkedin for our professional presence but have we thought or discovered  it can also help us in generating leads.

Leads play an important part in the business. And as a company owner, we try and  get as many leads as possible either by using social media paid ads, paying SEO agency or through google adword.

But have we fully explored free ways to get our need covered.

Linkedin for lead

Analysis of Linkedin in Similar web

As per attached data, India has only 7% active user out of 570M total traffic linked in gets worldwide.

Quite a shock we invest lakhs of rupees in our promotion but we missing the most used professional network –  Linkedin

No Wonder! if we start using it with full potential we have whole big market to cover

Before we start understanding how to use Linkedin to Generate leads for your business, we need to cover few basics

  1. Have an updated Company profile page:

It’s very important before you start your introduction in groups to fill in all information about your company in company profile pages. Like services you offer, no of employees, achievement if any, etc

  1. Understanding Niche

After you have set up your profile it’s time to explore few things

  1. Learn about groups in Linkedin from the same niche.
  2. Try and build relationship with people in groups by answering their doubts, by appreciating thoughts they add in groups, share valuable information timely, etc
  3. Personal Profile: Also fill in all details of your personal profile. Get some endorsement from friends in exchange of endorsing them. Fill in all bio details with the professional looking profile picture. As the first impression, you add on to user counts. And if you fail they may not be interested in connecting with you.

And now, comes the part you been waiting for and this article is talking about.

Use advanced search feature of Linkedin

We generally use the search feature for our query, but with the advance feature, you can stay one step ahead of your competitor and get leads as soon as they sign up on this platform.

Discover how?

1.Hover to advanced search on top

Linkedin advanced search option


2.Add keyword you search for. For eg: if you looking for entrepreneur, business owners Just add “Entrepreneurs” OR  ” Business Owners”  (Don’t forget to make use of AND, OR, NOT for multiple search and not to forget to add Quotation around keywords.

Linkedin people search

3.Search with specified location or country specific for a location with your postal code if need more specific results.

4.Only select 2nd, group and 3rd relationship

And you get a list of people who are under your search criteria. You can further connect with them or send them In mail if you have the premium account.

Linkedin search result

With this method, you can save up to 3 lists. If you feel any search results are not giving you expected results you can modify search by removing old one and replacing new search.

You can also save your search results for future.

So what’s the benefit of these saved search which is like 2 min work. Well, whenever your prospect first signs up Linkedin you shall be receiving leads every week from Linkedin for your saved search :-).

So get ready to receive tons of free leads from LinkedIn.

Hope you enjoy reading this article. Do share your valuable inputs in a comment.