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Neil Patel is a well known entrepreneur cum investor who is the co founder of Crazy Egg, KISSMETRICS and Hello Bar. He is also a renowned blogger, SEO expert and a startup founder who has helped companies like Amazon, NBC, HP, Viacom grow their business and conquer the industry.

Neil says, “From the beginning, I had entrepreneurship in my blood.” He is an inspiration for millions of budding entrepreneurs who are looking to make it big in the virtual world.

Here are the top 5 Neil Patel quotes for success:


Neil Patel on dreams


The Internet era has given birth to millions of entrepreneurs who chose the Internet as a medium to convey their ideas to the masses and expand their business.

Millions of such start ups are toiling hard to make their place in the big league of Ogilvy, WebChutney, Techshu etc.

Many companies rise and sink in the wake of cut throat competition in digital marketing.

Thus a leader’s vision should be such that it supersedes all the fears that surround an ordinary startup.

The leader must –

Think big…

Dream of great things…

Take the hard route…

Apply the best SEO practices [stay away from Black Hat]…

Slog hard with the team…

Instill confidence in them…

And never ever stop working hard…


Everyone in this world has dreams.

The only difference between the successful and the non – successful class is that the former conquer fears and turn dreams into reality.


Neil Patel Content SEO


If you want to stand apart from the herd and draw traffic to your website, it is essential that you must combine content with SEO.

SEO is all about link building, web design, SERP ranking etc.

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing valuable content to attract audience with the ultimate aim of getting attractive leads and converting them into customers.

Content marketing lies at the heart of every digital marketing firm.

Going for SEO with a lack of content will take you nowhere.

Similarly, having a robust content strategy but no SEO will make you look like just another online website.

You must understand that both these terms supplement each other in driving your business.

You can opt for a variety of strategies such as extensive email marketing, guest blogging etc.


Neil Patel conversion optimization


There are thousands of blogs which will tell you that conversions come first, revenue later.

But revenue is what matters to you at the end of the day.

According to Neil Patel –

The quickest way to increase revenue is to increase prices.”

Even though the increase in prices will cause a decrease in demand, Neil believes that the overall revenue earned will be much higher than what you were earning prior to the increase.

This quote by Neil is phenomenal since 95% of SEO firms give weightage to conversions first and revenue later.

You only need to focus on the right pricing strategy for conversions.


Neil Patel motivation


Who doesn’t want to win?

Winning is the basic necessity of survival in the race. But losing is equally important.

You may have a fantastic idea to run your SEO business. You might have employed a lot of resources – time, money, hard work – in your quest of achieving the lead targets.

But you failed, miserably.

Almost 70% of businesses give up after losing out on their resources. You need to be in the 30% class.

But mere trying won’t take you anywhere.

Find an opportunity in your loss.

Analyze it.

Pin point your mistakes.

Network with people in your industry.

Listen to the successful ones.

Apply their techniques in your business.

If you follow the habits and strategies employed by successful people, you will attain success too, sooner or later.


Neil Patel on blogging consistency


Content creation is the life blood of any online SEO firm.

Regular posting of articles which have authoritative content and are in sync with the latest SEO trends gain a dense traction among the readers.

Such content brings authority to the website over a period of time.

To make good content, your copywriters need to read intensely.

Neil Patel further says –

Read intensely. It’ll help you create better copy. The more information that you feed your mind; the more energized and enthusiastic you’ll be when it’s time to write.”

There are some authoritative websites such as –


Read these blogs regularly.

If you wish, you can make notes of the main points discussed in their articles. This will help you understand SEO better and keep you in touch with the latest digital marketing trends.

Thanks Neil for the success quotes. Stay blessed! 🙂


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