How to adjust your social media campaign to get effective results

Today, we know branding and communication have changed vastly for many companies. Companies have started realizing if they are able to set right social marketing campaigns then the chances of their visibility are more as compared to other marketing channels.

Communication with your user


Ofcourse, people still do opt in for a brand ambassador or publish in big media channel before they launch the product, but socials can give them a much better  platform than any channels. But to make this part work, lots of experiments need to be performed, like-

  1. Which image is getting user attention,
  2. What kind of text is making the user click on the link,
  3. Are they actually filling the information you need to fill them up?

Well, the answer for above really varies.

So, how can you make your marketing campaign effective on socials specially Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, pinterest and other popular ones?

We will not dig into how to set advertising over here. We may cover those points in detail in later articles.

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Let’s discuss some of the important points while making your social media campaign planning. These are tried and tested by me personally for our companies and companies that we been working for.

Set up small Social campaigns with small goals

We need to add some sort  of goal before starting my campaign. Like I just can’t say I will pay $10000 for my social campaigns.

It’s too wrong approach!

You must need to define your goals i.e in $10000 what is your goal?

Is your goal to get a particular number of page likes?

Is it to get people to your website and submit their details?

Or you want them to download your app?

If budget is planned well you can define the right strategy for your campaigns.

Once done, monitor your analytics to see the engagement you get. Are your goals getting fulfilled. If not, try and test with another image or content.

Do it till results are achieved

Let right people execute the tasks

After getting your desired ‘call to action’ results, it’s time to assign task to the right people.

For eg: People submitting  contact details will need to be attended by sales for explaining your products, the marketing team to offer the best customer service, PR  to update your user about any new updates in your company or product and so on.

Execute task from right people

If things are not departmentalised chances are your user may lose interest in your product and may choose your competitor brand over you.

Not every strategy is same for all social platforms

We all know that social marketing campaigns are generally carried out by segmentation i.e targeting people with their interest, age group, demographic and etc.

But all social platform strategy differs. Like what works with Facebook, may not work on twitter or Linkedin and vice versa.

Eg: – Facebook need to be targeted two or three times a day, Linkedin should be focused on making more connections and getting connected in groups and so on.

So explore all opportunities and work in different ways with different platforms.

Before any announcement, create momentum


creating some awareness before launch

It is observed that large companies fail to do this. Like you plan some major announcement and start posting about it. Instead, create some curiosity may be 24 hours prior to your launch shall be sufficient. Don’t make it too long as people generally tend to lose interest.

By creating the momentum, you get people engaged with your brand. More people are likely to follow your post and you gonna get the attention.

“Remember our goal is to get people to take the desired action and not only to get them to notice our products”

Let experts do the task

When you plan the social media campaign get it drafted by the copywriter or content writer to get user attention. Let your technical team handle all technical difficulties, let social media query be answered by dedicated staff.

Once, you have planned your campaign let me take you to some more points for making your  social marketing  campaigns more effective.

Don’t miss this part it has some killer tips which may help you design your campaigns.



Get the right planning before you start your social campaigns. Study your competitor in the best way. Give all detail to your audience about they will get by using your products. As audiences are getting smarter day by day in making the decision of purchase.

Have any more tips or ideas to share. Hit us with a comment or contact us. We shall be glad to answer your queries.