How to get Local SEO done for your small business

Ever wondered how easily you can get your business available on the top results of Google with Local search engine optimisation (SEO).

Local SEO (Search engine optimisation) service is important for services offering local services like Plumber, Car wash, Ac Repair, etc. Most of the time people will search for such services in Google with preference in Local vicinity i.e Plumber near charkop, AC repair service in Santacruz, etc.Local SEOImage courtesy: Goolge-Images

When any such local service offering companies design and optimize their website by focusing more on external links and neglecting the nearby area, they give an easy chance for competitors to take benefit of the service they offer.

But if they focus on getting their website optimised in local listings i.e. Google my business or Yelp one can gain appearance when someone search for services in the same area.

Today, with the Increasing use of Smartphones the demand has increased to get results on one finger touch.

However, there are many factors that influence Local SEO success, but I would like to highlight some key points to make you lead in your local business.

A. Add your listing for Local SEO in Google page

Many people say that Google+ is dead, but fact is it’s not. If you add your google plus  business profile, then its regularly shown in Local search of Google results. Check out some points to for Google listing:

1. Make sure you have a local listing business place in Google. If not, then you can visit  to add your Business details. Fill in all the related information such as Name, phone number, address, location, hours of operations, etc. and then your account will be set.

2. Add a good description on Google business page something which describes your business. Don’t try to stuff it with keywords. Just add a natural good description.

3. Add your work photos to show some authority to people visiting your page

B. Add it into proper categories

Choosing a right category is important part of Local search. According to Moz local  search engine do not display results that are not categorised or have been added in different categories then they fall upon. So, its important to add your listing to the right category for preferred results.

For eg – You should add your category as a fashion photographer if your business is in Fashion photography.

C. Right Business Citation

Businesses should add their details to all external websites like business directories with the right name, phone number and address. This is the most important part of ‘SEO’ as each business mention is referred as Citation and you need many relevant citations to rank upon.

But also remember not to stuff it with more of keywords as that will be considered as spam in the  eyes of Google and you could lose your rank.

D. Online Reviews

Google looks at review as a very important factor of ranking. Reviews are the quickest way for the user to decide what they been looking for is found or not in results. Below is the screenshot of Google results when searched for term amusement theme park near Borivali.

Google review for Local seo

The user will not always know what they have been looking for. Their queries will majorly be in form of questions and review to your business helps them in judging the quality of service they been looking for.

You don’t need to give any free gifts or get fake reviews. You can simply add Google plus tag on your website page and get your visitors review experience with your Brand.

E. Schema Markup

For those who don’t know schema is a type of markup added in your website’s coding. This give search engine extra information about your page content. For local business it can be used to represent business location and contact numbers appropriately. has a local business section which  list various types of markup information to be added on your website. You can generate schema with Microdata Generator  by adding your business information and then let the code be generated. Later add that code in the footer section of your website. To know if schema is performing or not you can use schema scanner to check.

F. Website Optimisation

Your website also plays a vital role in local  results. Try and include your city or area in your title tag, keyword and your content. Add your contact details, preferably a phone number on your website. Connect with as many as possible local organisation so that they can link back


G. Foursquare Listing

Get your business listed on Four squares as it is been commonly used by many for getting any place information

H. Mobile Optimised

Do not forget to make your website or page mobile friendly. As more and more number of people today are using mobile or GPS service to find a location

I. Start a Blog

Writing a blog post with an appropriate anchor text like SEO Service in Mumbai  can help get people walking towards your services page. A blog can be just a small step towards making your presence online with Local SEO. But also one should remember not to over stuff with keywords and not to repeat same anchor text in one blog post

J. Social Account optimisation

Social accounts like Facebook, Twitter and many more gives followers suggestion based on location or address. But you need to make sure your social network data are accurately mentioned all over

K. Other Search Engine

Do not focus to only enter your business details for Google, but also add in other search engine like Yahoo and Bing map.

Who shouldn’t do Local SEO?

If you want your business to be ranked for general term, i.e. if you are an Event management company and want to be recognised globally then you should never practice local SEO.

Local seo should be done only for business truly dependent on Local search.

To conclude :

By optimising website for local listing in local search engine small business can get  a great presence in Google to rank.

So have you implemented Local seo for your business? Let us know what trick you used for ranking?

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