How you need to buy seo for your Business in 2015

One common question I always get to hear from my clients is do they need to buy SEO for their Business? There are already many other tools available to promote your Brand i.e Social media optimisation, E-mail marketing, PPC which is quick way to pop-up results then why should I buy SEO for my business? Well keep reading this article if you too have similar questions in your mind.

Another query or pain I hear from clients is that, they outsourced someone to do their SEO for their business but being technically not strong enough I ended paying some amount without getting actual committed results.

Being an SEO agency ourselves, we know that we actually can’t commit on Google ranking factor. As thats a mystery which is not answered yet. But today by this article I will share some points which will be beneficial for any businesses to know are they investing on right people.

To start with, Let’s understand this –

“What is SEO?How you need to buy SEO for Business?”

Buy seo service for Business


If asked any layman, they will answerSEO is process of improving or getting rank in Google for your website”. SEO is done by searching right keyword that shall drive traffic to your website.

But this “procedure” and “How to” process has been a factor of debate as everyone believes they have ‘Golden Ticket’ to success.

So let’s clear the shadow and gain some insights to understand two important factors to rank in Search Engine.

On-Page SEO : This basically requires your website to be filled with required information you need to rank upon specifically by adding keyword in title tag, meta tag  description, and keyword in body with right distribution of Keyword in overall content.

Off-Page SEO : This is the another real important part of SEO in which majority of people are interested. Off-page seo techniques are used to generate backlinks to your website or in another way I would say you get a chance to generate recommendation for your Brand. The more popular your Brand on WWW i.e. world wide web, the more business opportunities. But you need to know that any link pointing towards your site is related to your niche else Google after its panda and penguin updates consider wrong links as spam and which can indirectly harm your web ranking very badly.

For eg : If you are selling Mobile Phone then getting link from sources which speaks about Mobile phone will be helpful then getting links form site which sells shoes.

But hold on, before making a decision you need to know two sharp features of SEO-White Hat and Black Hat seo.

Let me first talk about Black Hat-  In earlier days, before Google actually came with any algorithm updates people use to generate links from any kind of website as they had realised that getting link pointing towards their website is working in Google results. So they used to generate fake online links available through ‘Link Farms’ and other shady techniques to get their websites top in Google results.

But Google realised website ranking in top are actually not very useful to users and people have to migrate from one site to other to find a related information and so Google started updating its algorithm of ranking in its search engine. When panda and Penguin were rolled many websites that used to be top in results disappeared. Google is now constantly working on its algorithm to make spam free Internet search engine.

On one side there were people focusing on spam link building whereas on other side there were people who were focusing on real techniques i.e White Hat SEO. They are focused to get links or backlinks from high authority sites and their site didn’t faced any penalization with updates.

Black Hat technique is done to get profit in lesser time but holds a risk of standing no where. So it should never be applied for a real business.

Why to adopt White Hat SEO Technique for your Real Business?

With this technique you stay long in your results. Companies providing White Hat techniques are the one’s who want to grow along with you, who belive in making long lasting relationship with you instead of a temporary assignment. They will never be interested in quick results or sales.

Do keep reading further to know more from the checklist before hiring any agency

So what comprises of a White Hat technique?

  1. Hight Quality connections with Authority websites
  2. Results are slow and steady.
  3. You will get long lasting results.
  4. Work is performed by someone without any use of software.
  5. Your content is not only thoroughly analysed but also written by skilled and professional writer instead of auto content generated software.

How much should you pay White Hat SEO operating agency?

White Hat is an expensive process. But the results here are long lasting as they get some authority links to your site which will always have credibility in eyes of Google.

At times, it surprises me to notice people assume that Digital Marketing is going to be cheaper and its not so important for business.

In 2015, where we see major of the retailing brands have gone online for their business to generate profits, its time to seriously think on ‘Online marketing’. It also surprises me to know how much people spend on their offline campaigns i.e Hoardings, newspaper advertising where there are no definite results, they indeed look out for cheap providers for their Online Marketing campaigns.

If you are really serious about your business then don’t bother about the cost. As every penny spent here is going to give you fruitful results in long run.

Agency doing ethical online marketing for you can charge you somewhere from Rs.10000-15000 per month if its less competitive keyword. For competitive keyword price can be Rs 30000-50000 per month and if its an MNC then expect to get charge starting from Rs.1 lac per month.

So if you are making a monthly turnover of Rs. 2 crore with online business then its worth spending 1 lac to grow your business visibility online.

Why is White Hat so expensive?

  1. Huge amount of your money is spent on generating high quality engaging content. As stated earlier to get links from authorised websites is equally important. But if your content is poor then people won’t be interested in getting link to your site.
  2. White Hat includes Press release of some part or other. Press release content isn’t cheap and have to tie up and play with some big players in Online media.Your budget gets more focused towards keeping connections and submitting content to media networks so that they can mention your Brand message online.

How long does it take to get results if you buy seo for your Business?

Well, it usually takes 6-8 months of time to get a good result from an average campaign with White Hat technique, since the technique involves in building website popularity naturally over a period of time and to create organic search results in Google.

The one who commits you to get you quick results, you surely know by now what technique he would be following and how much can it harm your website in Long run. You may enjoy such results earlier but then soon the website position or ranking will start falling.

To be blunt, slow and steady wins race and quick results fade away (in most cases)

What after result is obtained ?

Once the desired result is achieved you need to maintain your position. You need to continuously tell Google that you still are an authority site and you still deserve the position they gave you. If you suddenly go silent after ranking Google considers it as unnatural, which is not a good sign. Definitely your maintenance cost will go much lower as there is less amount of work to be done now then earlier.

Checklist to consider to buy the right type of SEO company for your business

Listed below are the questions you need to ask before buying SEO Agency-

  1. Are they giving you price immediately, or they taking time to review your site ?

    Unless companies have worked on similar campaign recently be alert for company giving you immediate quote because it takes time to research on campaign and exact price can’t be determined immediately.
  2. Have they understood your Niche/Market?

Before going ahead with any proposal you should check whether they have understood your niche. As without understanding niche its difficult to quote. Its like rolling One ball for all query. Avoid such mistake !

  1. Do they understand your need?

A good Digital Marketing company will aim to understand why you are hiring them and what is the basic goal you looking forward through these campaigns.

  1. Are they talking about On site changes?

If they ignore your website just because it was built by someone else and are only focusing on Off page tactics than that’s surely a warning sign. As On page plays a crucial role in ranking. If not checked well then something is wrong.

  1. Are their promises over committed?

If company acts to be too good in front without proper statistics then you need to rethink on the given proposal.

  1. Are they assuring quick results?

As said above SEO is slow process if gone with right way. If they promising quick results means they going to follow technique which may harm your website in later stage.

  1. How secretive are they about their work process?

Definitely no agency will discuss their tried and tested formula’s but they should be able to discuss with you what kind of work is carried out and how they are achieving results. If they stay silent then its a alarming signal.

  1. Are they easy to reach?

Do a thorough research about company as to are they easily available when needed? Can they be contacted easily? Is their office and business registered?

  1. Are they easy to speak with?

When you work together as a business then there will be a lot of communication between you two. It is therefore important you find someone to be easy to speak your thoughts so that you can discuss your goals with them to make appropriate planning.

  1. Are they making you sign a contract?

Ofcourse there are lot of factors involved in this term but then no contract is completely strange.

Conclusion :

I hope you may have found the article useful enough to understand SEO and how can you buy SEO for your business. Still feel any query then let me know i shall try to answer it for you.

My final advice to you : “No SEO is better then going for wrong SEO.”