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Clickers, let’s be honest. We live in a world obsessed with ranks. Right from our school days where every class topper would be called a ‘scholar’ to marathons of today, where one who reaches first is declared as a winner. With greater ranks comes greater respect!
            Even the field of digital marketing isn’t untouched by this craze. Look around and you shall find every damn company fighting tooth and nail to break into the first page of Google SERP.
Some firms even choose the dark, creepy ‘Black Hat’ way to gain momentum, though it seldom fails to earn the ire of the search engine authorities.
            Search engine marketing expenses are trudging uphill. As per the Global Digital Advertising Report by Adobe, the expenditure on Search Engine Marketing increased at the rate of 12% between 2013 and 2014.
            This must give you a brief insight of the efforts put by players to go full monty in their approach.
From PPC campaigns to carefully crafted SEO strategies, a prudent firm will equip itself with the best of digital arsenal to break into the ‘Elite Class of Page 1.’

You might be having some idea of how to go up the rankings (thanks to the buzz regarding The Super Secret Google Ranking Factors).

So ladies and gentleman, presenting to you a Kickass Guide to Boost your SERP Rankings!


Isn’t it pointless to watch a show where we have no idea of the characters in the act? Hell yeah.

So before we embark on the journey to gain nirvana in the SERP Ranking Game, allow me to go slow, starting with the basics.


            SERP (Search Engine Results Page) are the list of responses given to the user when he/ she enters a query, known as a keyword, on the search engine. Google and Bing arrange this list based on the algorithms which they set to index information from relevant pages.

keyword cloud

Search algorithms are not entirely known to the public, but marketing analysts have predicted certain factors on which the algorithms might be framed.

The cornerstone for framing SEO strategy lies in the firm’s ranking in these search results list.

The higher the SERP rankings

  • Greater the visibility
  • More the traffic
  • Boost to popularity
  • Ultimately a clear road to a successful brand

The results appearing on the SERP can be classified into:

  • Organic search results
  • Non – organic search results


Organic search results are natural results which come up on the search lists without any ad campaign on the part of the digital marketing firm.

This is the cheapest way to earn a slot in the rankings list with zero investment.

The firm may resort to SEO strategies such as link building, content, and keyword planning etc. to go up in the SERP rankings.


Though Organic SEO is a good way to burst into the ‘Elite Class of Page 1’, the fact is that monetary investments are required to take your SERP mission to its ultimate destination.

Non – organic or paid search results are artificial respirations given to your marketing campaign to get some spotlight for your firm.

This can be in the form of paid campaigns such as PPC, promoting your posts in social media etc.

what is organic inorganic search result inorganic search results

It makes no sense to land on the 44th page of the search results for the online users browse the search engine for quick solutions.

Normally, an online user shall read through the top 3 or 5 results and click on their links for solutions. So staying contented just by breaking into the ‘Elite Class of Page 1’ as I mentioned earlier is futile. You ought to penetrate further and maintain your spot.

Through this guide, I shall educate you on how to go step by step in the path to go higher in the SERP rankings.

I am pretty sure that you shall greatly benefit from this guide if the steps are followed in practice.

For your convenience, I am breaking the whole guide into a series of four parts. This shall enable you to get a profound knowledge of every point which I shall reveal to you below.


The following is the gist of the first part of the SERP Ranking series:


Let’s get started, folks!



You have just entered the guide pool. It’s better for you to let each and every step sink into your mind gradually. So it is better to gain an outlook of the firm’s current status.

For this purpose, it is advisable to conduct a SWOT Analysis on your website performance.

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis is a renowned term used mostly in the business and management world. It gives a 360-degree outlook of your firm’s performance.

Find out the vital factors affecting your website in any way. A prototype of a SWOT Analysis is given below:

swot analysis what is it

Another illustration of a SWOT analysis can be found in the Big Data article written previously.

Read full article: http://www.clicknjoin.in/blog/big-data-a-tool-for-gaining-a-competitive-advantage/


SWOT Analysis will differ from firm to firm. Ask your strategic team to prepare a presentation on SWOT Analysis of your website


            During the dawn of The Internet, it was next to mandatory that one should know the HTML coding for making a website.

Over time, the emergence of CMS (Content Management Systems) such as WordPress, JOOMLA, CMS Made Simple etc. have eased our work.

Previously, businesses used to resort to web developer tools for the creation of websites. Nowadays, such firms are also using tools which help in maintaining the website.

Giverz.com, HotJar, RumbleTalk etc. are some online tools that play a vital role in keeping your website a modern look.

Besides that, tools such as XENU, Composer, FTP and FTP_commander etc. are useful for updating your website in accordance with the current standards.

Check whether you are currently using any such website tools.


Mere assessment won’t do any wonders. Take note of all the discrepancies in your website and take appropriate measures. If you aren’t using any website tools, it’s high time you subscribe to one. 


Although Google ranks you primarily on the basis of your website’s rich content and its updated status, the site design plays a pivotal role in enticing the online visitors.

Your website design should be pleasing to the reader’s eyes. It should supplement your website content in giving your readers a good user experience.

Constant server errors (as I mentioned before), broken links, erratic background colors, the absence of CTA’s etc. are enough to turn off your visitors and reduce traffic towards your site.

Therefore, site design is an indirect but sure shot to plunge in the SERP ranking list.


According to a survey conducted by MarginMedia, around 48% of online users believe that if they enter a business website which doesn’t work on mobile, they take it as a sign of the enterprise not caring for its customers.

With the number of mobile online searches surpassing that of the desktop in 2015, it is evident that there is an obvious trend that the era of desktop searches is getting obsolete.

mobile optimsation for seo

Thanks to the easily accessible internet, commoners will prefer browsing the web via smart phones rather than laptops and desktop computers.

Hence to gain an advantage of the rising use of mobile phones and an increasing trend in mobile searches, it is in your best interests to get your site mobile optimized.

Unofficial sources consider Mobile Optimization as one of the critical factors for Google while ranking websites.

Though the wave of mobile optimization is in the air, a large chunk of the firms hasn’t yet resorted to doing so. So it’s a great opportunity for your firm to surge ahead in the SERP rankings list and gain popularity among the online masses.


One of the essential factors which entrepreneurs and online visitors are conscious about is the website speed. Your website speed is the first impression you give to the online visitors during entry.

Thus, take it as one of your customers’ ranking factors if not the search engines themselves.

According to some studies, nearly 46% of the online users pin the blame on website speed as the prime factor for deciding upon whether they will visit the website again or not.

Ideally, one should aim to minimize the website speed as much as possible.

Luckily, there are online tools such as Pingdom, GTmetrix, iWEBTOOL etc. which you can use to check your site performance.

Here’s an example of Neil Patel’s website.

I am using the Pingdom tool to analyse his website’s performance.

pingdom for website speed test

Just type the domain name in the textbox and click on the button    ‘Test Now’.

web speed analysis test

As expected, his website seems to be championing the speed race with a performance grade of 92 outta 100.

One of the interesting facets of this tool is that apart from the speed analysis, it gives you a complete picture of the website performance.

It gives a detailed breakdown of your performance grade, page analysis, request time etc. which is rich information if sought by the site owner himself.


            User experience is the art of designing a software application such as a website.

            The prime objectives of resorting to a user experience are:

  • Beholding the vision of
  • Bridging the gap
  • Between users and business goals, and
  • Boosting the idea of smart usage

Business enterprises aim to bring increased traffic on their websites, which is publicly known.

Consumers want a heightened experience while browsing websites.

Designing a user experience acts as a common plank for the unification of goals of both the parties.

A User Experience Report put forth by Econsultancy suggests that a mere 55% of companies conduct any online User Experience testing.

This point is linked to the issue of Site design which I discussed previously.


If you wish to give the public a quality User Experience, you can hire a UX Designer for the same. Although it might seem expensive in the short run, the increased traffic, and growing conversions will be offset your initial expenses and bring you monies in the long run.


            Server errors are a bane to search engine spiders while indexing your website. If an error pops out of any page in your website, the spiders are unable to crawl through your content.

Therefore, such errors tend to reduce your site’s rankings on the SERP.

It’s best to maintain an error – free website and fix any such errors at the earliest.


            Schema markup refers to a code attached to the content of your page in which you can highlight vital pointers out of it.

Adding a schema markup will facilitate Google bots to get a gist of the content in your website in a better way. Though a large chunk of online businesses run their websites without any schema markup, it is still preferable to have one.

A study by Searchmetrics states that less than 1% of websites worldwide have implemented the Schema.org markup.


Google bots are able to break down your site information easily and index your content better. This ultimately raises the prospects of increasing your ranking in the SERP. Thus, it is advisable to add a schema markup to your website.

The general guidelines provided by Google clearly states:SITEMAP

“Google uses your Sitemap to learn about the structure of your site and to increase our coverage of your webpages.”

            A sitemap enables Google by providing relevant information on your website. It offers all the data to the search engine spiders in a simplified manner for the purpose of efficient deindexing.

Efficient indexing of pages by crawlers boosts the possibility of your site ranking higher in the SERP’s. Thus, presence of a sitemap is vital for your enterprise.

importance of having a sitemap


If you don’t have an HTML Sitemap, create one. HTML Sitemaps enable users and crawlers to find content on the pages.The various reasons for having a Sitemap are mentioned above. So what are you waiting for? Go get one!


            The Robots Exclusion Protocol or simply, the robots.txt file is a guide to the search engine spiders as to where to crawl and index the page. It indicates those sections of your web pages which you do not wish to get accessed by the spiders.

In the absence of this file, all the data on your website, including the confidential one, is prone to access, which your rivals can use to their advantage.

Hence, it drastically ups the chances of a downfall in your SERP ranking.


            CTA (Call To Actions) are an aggressive form of commands given to the readers to execute an immediate reaction. It is basically a ‘call’ from your website for your audience to take an ‘action’.

            Download Now, Call Now, Sign Up Now etc. are some examples of such CTA’s.

            CTA’s form one of the most important weapons for driving increased traffic to your landing page, and ultimately climb up the rankings ladder.


Keep your Calls to Actions short and concise.See to it that the CTA button is visible clearly. Make the CTA button looks attractive such that the reader feels compelled to click on it.Take care of the anchor text. The anchor text is the clickable link on your page. Choose the right keywords for your anchor text which have the potential to enhance your rankings.


        URL (Uniform Resource Locater) is the unique address of every website. They are of two types, namely:

  • Static URL which refers to the locater which doesn’t change. The contents of a page do not transform unless and until the changes are coded into the HTML.
  • Dynamic URL is used to address the queries from the site’s database.

            Google spiders may tend to scan all your pages under dynamic URL and thus, there is an increased risk of earning a penalty for duplicate content. You should use a canonical tag to avoid such repercussions.

What this shall do is that you stay safe from a possible penalty and eventually stay safe from bringing any disrepute to your firm in the digital field.

Thus, it’s more of insurance if not a gamble to stay up in the SERP rankings.


            Website siloing refers to the process of adding inbound links in your site. It circulates the link juice within your domain.

Through this function, you can revive the old dead articles written ages ago. For example, while writing fresh content, you might post a link below the end of the paragraph citing a link to your older article for more information regarding a specific topic.

Readers tend to click on such links to gain more insights into the subject, which indirectly enhances the credibility of such articles and ultimately the website as a whole.

example of website siloing

A website is seen as a disorganized set of web pages with a complex web of unrelated information. Virtually siloing your website is powerful since it acts a s a bridge between the existing page and other related web pages.

The above is an excerpt from my previous article on ‘GUERRILLA MARKETING AND SEO: HOW THE DUO CAN WORK TOGETHER


Try getting links from authoritative websites. Such links will bring in more traffic and you get an opportunity to build a brand of your firm. Take care of the anchor text. The anchor text is the clickable link on your page. Choose the right keywords for your anchor text which have the potential to enhance your rankings.



            Keyword research is a tedious job, my friends. You know it better! After resolving all the website issues, all we want is look out for hot keywords to write on.

The rule of thumb says that one should choose a niche keyword which faces less competition and whose searches show increasing trends. This seems a realistic way to go up the rankings in the search engine results just by way of organic traffic.

research keyword

Fortunately, various keyword research tools are available to give you estimates on the probable keywords.

Google Keyword Planner, keyword.io etc. are some of the research tools you can use for such purposes.

Take this example of Google Keyword Planner.

using google adword for keyword planner

First, log in to Google AdWords Account via your Gmail account. You will land on this page after logging in.

If you wish to search for new keywords, click the first pointer where you shall type the topic you wish to write upon.

get keyword idea with adword planner

I entered ‘ guerrilla marketing’ in your product or service box. I typed ‘India’ as the location where I wish to search for keywords entered by online users here.

monthly data trend with keyword research

I get the average monthly trends for the past one year plus the number of searches and the competition level.

It also gives me the list of relevant keywords on which I can work upon. See the image below.

main and related keyword idea

You can see that these are keywords with low competition and hence penning your content on these keywords has a greater chance of landing your article on the first page of the Google SERPs.


            Commercial keywords are keywords which have the capability to generate traffic to your website and money for your business coffers.

They are those precious gems which will go a long way in making your site popular.

Such keywords help to tap into the mood of the consumer class which is interested in buying products.

Words such as Download, Order, Purchase etc. are the common prefixes for such commercial keywords.


Prefer focusing on such keywords rather than giving emphasis on keywords which do not generate income for you.



             Skim through the overall content you have provided to the readers till now. Study every bit of information presented to this date.

  • Is the content long or short?
  • Have I posted content in accordance with the present scenario?
  • Content creation: A team of content writers or one man army?
  • What is the frequency of posting content? Regular or irregular?
  • Do my articles contain enough images to convey an accurate message to the readers?

Ask tough questions to yourself. Make your conscience uncomfortable. Don’t let the leader in you be at ease.


If you have a dedicated team of content writers, sit and discuss with them. Invite suggestions from their side and suggest them in some cases.

  But hey! Does your firm err in its content strategy? Any issues bothering your website?            

            We at ClicknJoin can fix them up. Just put in your Name and Email Id below and lay your worries to rest!

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            Assess your current rankings. This shall help you in knowing where you stand and how long is your ‘Journey to Glory’.

Thanks to some bright souls, we have some good tools to know our current positions in the SERP (God Bless them!).

Websites such as serps.com, Ranktrackr etc. can help you in tracking your existing position based on your site domain.

check your serp ranking

Let me explain you with this example of SERP’s rank checker site.

Type in the keywords which you feel the online users would be looking out for and your domain name in the respective text boxes.

You can also choose to examine your rank in desktop or mobile mode. This is crucial since the number of mobile users surfing the internet is slowly but surely surpassing the desktop users.

One interesting factor which I notice here is the local search. This is particularly important for local firms who wish to create a strong customer base in the local market.

search results for your keyword

The above picture is the result page which you shall get after clicking on the ‘Check Rankings’ button.

As you can see, my previous article is currently trending at the 10th spot in SERP’s for the keyword ‘guide to niche marketing’.

keyword cloud        

Today’s world of digital marketing is a breath taking adventure. A subtle peek into this world, and you would realize the enormous potential of this turf to turn the world upside down.

There is no doubt that it requires some spine and valor to surge ahead and taste the nectar of victory. However, only a select few achieve this feat. BUT WHY???

The reason is that though all businesses work on a mission mode, a minute proportion actually is ready to experiment and adapt to the changing times.

Goalposts change with time, and nowadays, one of the core goals of a sane business in the digital arena is to go up the SERP rankings.

Of course, there is a plethora of tried and tested techniques available in the public domain. But conquering the top spots and as I said in the previous part, gate crashing the “Elite Group of Page 1”, is no child’s play.

It’s time to reveal the next two secrets to bag you higher ranks.

So, ladies and gentlemen, fasten the seat belts of your mind as they get revealed to you all in a few moments.

Troubled with web design issues? We at ClicknJoin can fix them up. Just put in your Name and Email Id below and lay your worries to rest!

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Quote by click n join

Content marketing is on the rise, just like the promising waves you see up there in the picture. The Internet is stuffed with trillions and quadrillions of words.

Across the sites, you will find a variety of content. From shitty blog posts to well defined writes, it’s a mind-numbing job for most of us when searching for good content.

Content is the master key to unlock the doors of SERP rankings. Without content, it is very difficult to achieve such a feat.

            Content is the ideas which you present to your readers through use of blogs, videos, articles, case studies etc.

Content marketing is a commercial strategy used by businesses in which the content is created, posted and distributed across a varied audience with a view to educate them on the ideas put across and ultimately gain customers and pocket profits.

Grappling with content marketing issues? Check this article on content marketing to take the escape leap!

Creation of good content is an art which ought to be mastered if one has to survive in the internet battleground. In fact, around 53% of marketers have ranked content creation as the Numero Uno effective SEO tactic. [Source]

Here is a sure shot step by step sub guide to add feathers to your content writer’s cap and garner attention in the readers’ circles.

content is the masterkey


Start from the roots to climb up the branches and attain the fruits of success.

Know the real cause behind creating your content. Is it that you wish to make your content informative or informative plus commercial at the same time?

Do you wish to carve a brand out of your article? Establish the foundation of your content on crystal clear goals.


customer class

It is very essential that you know your customer class. Keeping them in mind shall help you to think from their perspective, understand their needs and bring out solutions for the same.

For instance, your firm ClicknJoin caters to enterprises that look out for smart solutions on web designing, SEO services etc.So the content we post revolves around the services we offer.

Stay calm. Take some deep breaths, study your firm’s goals and define your customer class once for all.

You have the option of ignoring this, but believe me; such small things leave a lasting impact on your firm’s directions in the long run.


If the bejeweled crown of your headline is not at all charming, no royal eyes shall seek to hit on your Princess article.

Having an attractive headline can make or break it for you. The headline is a gist of what you are offering in the entire web article.

importance of good headline

You’ll need your headline to stand out from the rest of the pack. Go for one which is aggressive and compels you to click on it, like CTA.

Try including numbers in your title since it has been concluded that doing so has been seen to increase the viewership of the article.

Don’t act too formal or rigid with the headline. Go casual at times so that the audience can connect with it better.

The finest way is to write down a possible headline list of 10 to 20 probable headlines (you may even go more!), bring your content team together and select the best among the lot.

An eye-catching headline invites more clicks and leads to an outpour of conversions.


            You are taking baby steps towards writing a spectacular content. A rough roadmap is a must to start with.

There is every chance of your content going awry and losing its flow over time. Thus it is important to create an outline and then begin working on it.

A sample outline may be as follows:

rough outline example

Go about your own outline depending on the content you are going to write.


            ‘Size matters’ is the unspoken mantra in the content writing field. Make it as a motto while lettering your content.

Of course, there is always a scope for experiments which I shall deal with in depth ahead. But see to it that you keep your content long.

According to BuzzSumo, long form content, which consists of more than 1500 words, is shared more often. This might be due to a perception or an inference that such long articles contain rich knowledge and therefore can prove to be very helpful for others.

Also, quantity won’t win you all the matches. The quality is equally important. Google search engine bots shall index your pages based on the length and the quality you give out to the general readers.

The better the quality of your content, the more chances of your content going viral, more efficiency shown by the bots while indexing your content and thus, a foolproof way to ascend to the Elite Group.



            The content which you post might not be in a proper format. There’s a chance that in the quest of writing a fairy tale, it is quite possible that you might have lost course.

Proofread your matter. Break your content into small paragraphs so that it is easily digestible for the readers.

Check for spelling and grammatical errors. Spell check won’t rescue you every time you err.

Insert images at the right place. The readers should be able to connect the images and the text as they go through your article.

See to it that your content is in proper alignment and doesn’t go astray from the implied borders.

Organize topic


            Be dynamic in your ideology. Never become too predictable for visitors and your beloved rivals.

You should always be on a hunt for fresh ideas. There are different types of content you can post on your website, apart from blogging.

You can resort to Vlogs (Video blogs), white papers, infographics, case studies, Ebooks, podcasts etc. if you wish to skip the usual long content.

To know more about other mediums, read my previous article on the ‘Lead Generation Strategies for Attracting Business

            Also flirt with the length of the content. Obviously, the more the merrier for Google. If you could mix up short articles and post them regularly, and go for the long one at greater intervals, you keep yourself in the limelight.

You keep on generating vital but short content for the online users which only generates curiosity and increases your website traffic.

And you already know that an increase in traffic paves way for giving a boost to your SERP rankings.


            Image SEO is a must in your content toolkit. Images are the tastemakers to the main delicacy of your written content.

Thus it is not wise to go on typing and typing and typing and ignore them. For the readers, the pictures are a break from the long written text. It actually improves the quality of your content.

image seo

Tools such as Canva, Venngage, Piktochart etc. are some online tools to create social media posters, infographics, presentation slides etc.

Image SEO can facilitate your images to trend in the Image SERP and indirectly help your content in grabbing more eyeballs and ultimately increase the SERP ranking.


            It is better to mention the source links and citations you have derived statistics from so that to guide your readers if they wish to dwell more into the matter.

how to link with reference

Illustration of mentioning sources:

Excerpt from my erstwhile article on ‘ Beginner’s Guide To Niche Marketing

Sometimes drawing your statistics right away from another website gives an impression that it is your work and hence may invite a penalty from Google for violating the guidelines.

Your firm comes across as very professional in its approach for the netizens if you paste relevant links and the sources in your article.

  1. GAME ON, CTA!

             Never ever forget to enter a CTA (Calls To Action) at the end of the article.

Your readers have read the entire article and are satisfied with the reservoir of information you have poured on them. Now is the moment to tap your customers.

Commanding instructions such as Call Now, Download Now, Sign Up Now etc. may be used to induce a quick reaction from the opposite persons.

Also, your contact number or reference links, at the end of the page can be used as some sort of CTA.

Though CTA is primarily used to grab more conversions, such measures will indirectly increase the number of visitors to your website, thereby pushing your website upwards in the popularity charts and the SERP rankings.



            You’ve managed to pen one excellent article after weeks and months of slogging. ‘I should post it now online and take a long lazy nap, for the rest is up to the readers to decide’.

Such thoughts are natural, but not right from your business point of view.

You ought to dedicate full attention to the responses received for your article. You need to be on your toes for any untoward development in the views and comments boxes.

Take the help of Google Analytics to monitor the reactions of the readers to your content. Make changes in your article or in your next edition if you get to know the discrepancies.

Serps.com is another great way to check your article’s SERP ranking as of now. You just need to type the keywords and your domain name to get the results.

Keep an eye on the bounce rate. The bounce rate is the proportion of your online visitors bouncing out of your website after viewing only one page.

A high bounce rate is a warning sign that something is terribly wrong with your content.

            Check the number of shares made by the readers via social media buttons. The fact that they have shared it on the social media indicates that they found the article very useful, informative and of high quality.


               While finalizing your article, you might not think beyond optimizing your website, promoting the webpage, creating A1  content and be in an illusion that everything is going to be hunky dory after this.

Wake up, darlings!

From now on, keenly watch the meta tags and descriptions alike.


According to SearchSOA, “A meta tag is a tag (that is, a coding statement) in the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) that describes some aspect of the contents of a Web page.

Meta tags enables the Webmaster to explain the Google Web Spiders as to what your website is and what it represents.

meta tag

Sample Meta Tag

Source: metatags.org


            The meta description tag in HTML is a summarized snippet of a web page’s content.

Your meta tag description is a great way to explain the Google Web Spiders as to what your website is and what it represents. It is basically a summary of the contents in your website, which appears on the SERP’s.

Meta description tags in the usual sense aren’t really a decisive factor for boosting your search engine rankings.

However, they play a vital role in increasing the strike rate of your Click Through Rates. CTR’s (Click Through Rates) is the ratio of the number of clicks received on your ad divided by the total number of views on your webpage.

It is a definite standard for measuring the outreach of your advertisement to the netizens.

A high CTR means more audience and your blog’s rapid conversion into an authority website. An authority website shall garner more interest and that would be just enough to push your rankings on the direction of the sky.

The meta description should be limited to 160 characters. You must be able to spell out the ideas imbibed in your content within the framework of the description.

A proper meta title, description and keywords will enhance the ranking of the website on the SERP’s.

Going against the waves of capturing the fortress of higher SERP rankings by traditional arsenal of organic results are the days of the past.

Today is the age of smart jobs, not hard slogs. What you plan, organize, assimilate, prepare and how you execute the attack is all that counts in the race of the search engine rankings.

I have placed before you two more gems by which you can clock beyond your capacity.

 serp ranking

Let’s learn about:

  • Link Building – Its core concepts and how it can help your firm get glued to Page 1 of Google SERP
  • Social Media – The infinite power which it possesses and how you can use it to your advantage


Many have time and again written off link building as a thing of the past.

You shall find a number of articles taking a deviant stand and giving strong points to advocate the same.

However much to the sadness of the ‘Nayes’ group,

Link building is here to stay.


Realize the power of Link Building

Link building refers to a complex practice of attempting to gain outside web pages (preferably authoritative ones) to link to your website.

I use the word ‘complex’, because it is!

Link building has been the talk of the digital circles since the 1990’s.

Back then, it was a sure shot way to gain popularity in the online marketing sphere.

Thanks to spamming firms and some reactionary Google policies, link building process is heavily scrutinized by Google.

But that’s not ALL.

Link building is still one of the proven ways to gain popularity and land on the ‘Elite Class of Page 1.’



When Google came into existence, the challenge was to give the right results in response to the query in the search engine index by the end user.

Google resorted to software systems such as spiders to do this complex job.

 Page rank

Links became an important bridge for scanning through different pages of a website and garnering vital data accordingly.


ranking factors

Link building emerges as one of the main ingredients for ranking high in the search engine results.

But mere link building won’t serve your cause.

Understand that Google looks out for quality backlinks.


  • which generate scores of views
  • whose reading duration is around 3 – 4 minutes or more
  • which are shared widely on social media

convince Google that the link is healthy.


Since the advent of PageRank, links were seen as a vote of confidence.

PageRank measured the website’s strength based on quality links, which made sense.

confident link

But blatant misuse of this rule and black hat SEO tactics by spam firms prompted Google to update its systems.

Yet, link building stands out as a symbol of confidence even in today’s times.


 Based on what has worked for many successful firms, we put out the best link building strategies for your enterprise.


 If you are selling trash products inside an exotic package, you will soon run out of customers.

The more inbound links you get to your website, the higher you rank in Google SERP.

These links will come to you ONLY when you produce rich content which stands apart from the crowd.

Go back to the 4th STEP if you want quality tips on creating quality content.

So give the best to the world and indeed, the best will come back to you.


Create free downloadable ebooks, how-to guides and tutorials on a range of topics which the general public finds difficult to tackle individually.

Such topics will range from a simple post on lead generation strategies(http://www.clicknjoin.in/blog/lead-generation-strategies-for-attracting-business/) to a vast guide on niche marketing.

By now, you get thousands of views who use your resources and recommend your website to others, who in turn repeat the same process.

Simply stated, your links are being scattered all over the Internet by your users without you putting much effort except on the content part.

Easy pickings!




Optimization is good and is a necessity to rank high.

dont over optimise website

But if you stuff your website with scores of spam links and unusual keywords, it will likely kill your SEO venture.

 Here are some proven techniques that will blow your mind and your firm together:

  • Make sure your anchor text is fully stuffed with irrelevant keywords to invite a luscious penalty from Google.
  • Start linking to spam websites if you are thrilled with the idea of committing suicide by SEO.
  • Lust for the top spot in SERP and go for Black Hat SEO to reach up there in a short time.
  • Build doorway pages to get the penalty door slammed across your face.
  • Copy original content from other users as it is and land in a soup.



 This is a common and effective way to share links and get more views on your web pages.

Believe me:

The advent of social media has brought in a new revolution in the link building methodology.

Just a click of a social sharing button and your article link gets shared to millions across the world.

Social media has emerged as one of the economical and exciting ways to build links and get in touch with long term customers.

Even better, you may get in touch with authority bloggers who would like to link to your website.

Such things are a win – win situation for your firm since getting authoritative links will bring you good viewership and ultimately a direct entry into the “Elite Class of Page 1”.


When you build links, always think from a long term perspective.

long term link building goal

Image source : www.joyridemarketing.com

The problem with us is that as we go on creating content regularly, we lose track of our old content links.

It may also happen that we edit the old posts, or move them to another location, or maybe even delete them!

Such links, also known as broken links or dead links, unfortunately lose their shine over the course of time.

To tackle this unfortunate scenario, create content regularly and link your previous posts to your current article.

This is also known as inter linking.

Think about it.

Inter linking is a simple technique of passing the link juice which will ensure your previous links being brought back from the dead until you get ready with the next article.

What’s more?

Regular viewing by your online customers will land you in the “Elite Class of Page 1” for sure.


 Networking pays.

Not only in social media, but also in public interactions.

When you participate in forums such as conferences, seminars etc. you get to gain vital tactics from top entrepreneurs as to how they work to achieve success.

Plus, you get to clarify your doubts and work on your firm in a more efficient manner.



The best part is when you are the speaker of the session.

You instantly connect with thousands in the live crowd and maybe millions of bloggers via YouTube live.

Make the best use of such opportunities and share your links since you yourself are throwing your links to the public whom you are creating an impression in person.

What this does is that if your lecture is rich in knowledge, then bloggers share your links in large amounts.

This gives Google a signal that the link is of an authoritative nature.

Finally, your links get established as authoritative in the SERP fields and climb up the rankings chart.

One more thing.

You can also dive into community discussions, digital marketing forums etc. and solve pertinent doubts of bloggers.

The more logical and useful your answers are, the greater the chance of the questioner will link to you sooner or later.


It is the Holy Grail which every firm boasts of.

 be original

Sadly, due to lack of resources or laziness, firms don’t go for the hard work option and get links from their authoritative rival, which only makes the latter powerful.

When you conduct a survey and post original results, your website comes off as an authoritative one.

Authority blogs link to your website which makes your firm even more popular and bring up on top of the SERP rankings.


 The way

  • your website is structured,
  • the user friendly interface,
  • your site speed

all play a very important role in building links.

Today’s era is an era of abundance.

If readers find any article uninteresting in the very first 30 seconds, they will only increase your bounce rate.

On the other hand,

if your website is efficient and structured as per the requirements of the reader, he/ she will stay glued to your website.

To add to this,

‘The more a user stays in your website, the greater the chances of your links being shared on social media.’


Paid is not bad.

View paid promotions like PPC campaigns, online ads etc. as an investment, not as an expense.

Basically, you are investing your money to get customers, some of which will deal with them for years to come.

So this was the third part of the SERP Guide Series.

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