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Clickers, ever since the term Search Engine Optimization has come into existence, it has never failed to mystify itself with an aura of awe and excitement. Head honchos have been quick if not reluctant to take it in their stride and adapt their entire organisational structure accordingly.

Countless articles have been penned, discussions in the social media have been centred on whether SEO is dead or alive, or are its days numbered in the supra modern internet marketing arena. But what if you yourself kill your SEO?

Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t. Internet marketing firms frame a wide range of complex strategies to outshine their rivals. While doing so is not seen to be unethical when observed from an outsider’s eyes, the inner core – the means and methods resorted to by the enterprise – is what makes or breaks your SEO.

                So in this article, we shall learn in detail about the top 5 things that can make google kill  SEO. Here we go:


“Content is king” is what was said by Bill Gates ages ago. Of course, when content assumes such a pivotal position in the marketing strategy, its problems are bound to affect the quality of SEO strategy.


Content is King

The common concerns of a majority of start up and small scale digital marketing firms is that there is lack of content. What happens in some cases is, when one starts an enterprise, the mood is upscale. Adrenalines are on an all time high and thus employees work actively in a bid to see their business climb into the search rankings.

But, one must always keep in mind that SEO is a gradual process. Getting high ranks is not an overnight job. It requires:

  • Careful planning
  • convincing strategies
  • consistent efforts towards
  • correct direction to
  • champion the search rankings.

Thus over time, the mood subsides. The content team turns lacklustre. Regular posting of content takes a back seat, eventually to drive very little or no traffic to your website.

What I also noticed was that over time, content tends to get shorter. Though it is always advisable to nourish your readers with rich, long content, mixing it up with short articles can be seen as a break from the implied norms of content marketing.

This is particularly due to the spurt in mobile SEO, where readers would prefer information in a concise format.

However, continuing only with articles less than 500 to 1000 words can be fatal for your SEO strategy.

Google algorithms judge your website’s credibility based on your quality of content. It gets hints from the keywords used in your overall content and analyses them to decide on whether it deserves to be ranked high in the search results.

Adding too many images and too little text is one such form of short content. Your content can be in the form of presentations, Ebooks, infographics etc. But nothing beats the content as of now. Nothing.


·               Keep clocking (not cloaking!) high quality content with more than 2000 words as a rule of thumb.

·               Short content is cool, but not always.

·               See to it that the content you post is in sync with the current topics in the digital world.




Trouble brews when your website is not in sync with the modern standards. You ultimately lose out on a large number of potential clients if you aren’t updating your web design.

Mobile SEO is gaining prominence in today’s marketing era. For the first time in May 2015, mobile searches surpassed those made through computers. If your website isn’t mobile – friendly, it creates a roadblock for any potential web traffic.

Bad coding of website is a common obstruction to website traffic. Proper website coding shall help Google engine spiders to index the website in a better way and allocate rankings based upon the analysis.

Code errors will spell doom for your ambitions to go higher in the SERP’s rankings.

 Everything excess in nature is poison.

–          Buddha

See the above quote from a SEO perspective. SEO is definitely the need of the hour. But too much is going to be too bad, bad enough to get you penalized by Google.

Google has become more intuitive and thus can understand your motives when it inspects your page.

Keyword stuffing, sending spammy links, invisible text etc. are some ordinary techniques to over optimize your website.

Google Penguin has been introduced from April 2012 to derank websites who are involved in employing backlinks of inferior quality.

·               Keep your website design updated. Hire web design experts to take care of that department.

·               Make your website mobile user friendly.

·               Don’t over optimize. It will cause you financial and credibility loss.

·               See to it that the website coding is done ethically in accordance with the guidelines issued by Google.

·               Follow Google Webmaster Guidelines to stay safe and compete by legit means.


 To learn about Google Webmaster Guidelines click here                                                                                                  


While finalising your article, you may think, “Who  the hell cares about meta descriptions and title tags? Optimize your website, promote the webpage, create good content and everything is going to be hunky dory.

No way!

Wake up, darlings. From now on, keep a close eye on your meta descriptions and title tags.


Your meta tag description is a great way to explain the Google Web Spiders as to what your website is and what it represents. It is a summary of the contents in your website, which appears on the SERP’s. A proper meta title, description and keywords will enhance the ranking of the website on the SERP’s.



what is title and meta description



Keep your title tags and meta descriptions different from the rest of the herd. Please avoid keyword stuffing.



What is more foolish than rubbishing the power of social media? Nowadays, marketing firms penetrate every social media channel the world has ever known. From Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, your brand is everywhere.

Social Media

Staying in a comfortable cocoon of traditional SEO and not going for social media sounds death knell for your SEO. {Check out my article on “HOW TO ADJUST YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN TO GET EFFECTIVE RESULTS” }

Our generation is tech savvy. The real trade markets are not made on ground, but online. Be sure that you are losing out on almost every netizen who wishes to get digital marketing services from the market.


If you are doing this mistake, then what are you waiting for? Go social media. Throng every social media platform available on the Internet playground. Make yourself visible to the masses.



This is the main villain of our SEO story. We humans are so crooked that we love to misuse the best of discoveries in the history of mankind. Our dear SEO falls in that category of misused technologies.

black hat seo

From cloaking to link baiting, spammy footer links to domain squatting, link schemes to article spinning, there are several evil ways to go a notch up than your rivals.

Never ever do this. If you are in a mood to deprecate your firm’s standing and get your firm a bad name, you can think over it.

The cut throat competition a firm faces tempts it to use such techniques. Google has put down a series of guidelines for SEO which every digital marketing firm has to adhere to. Violating the guidelines shall invite a hefty penalty, de ranking of your website or even getting your website blacklisted.

There are countless ways to prosper in personal and professional life, friends. The times we are living in right now are by far the best moments in the history of mankind.

Opportunities are in plenty which makes room for greater needs. You have the chance to fulfill them. Break free and surge ahead!

That was it, folks. Hope you liked my article. Feel free to express your views below. Good bye!