7 digital marketing trends that will help upswing your business in 2016

Initially, the mode of digital marketing was adopted only by those companies and brands which had their scope of business spread over the channels of e-commerce. The arena of Digital Marketing trends has constantly grown and emerged over a period of the past few years.

Future Digital Marketing methods to grow business


We are nearing the end of the clock with a quarter and more in the year left when we think about digital marketing in 2015. Many techniques being scrapped, many revised and tons of them being added in order to meet and remain within the widening range of search engine guidelines for our respective brands. Taking into account the current year 2015, we all have come across many transformations in the field of digitization with respect to marketing. Be it getting hitched on the top pages of search engines or adapting the responsive website to retain the mobile market or be it content marketing, any moment we hear about the variance in the practices of digital marketing somewhere deep inside us there is always an anxiety level making us tremble in and out till the time we don’t thorough get acquainted with the right solution.

So what were your prime concerns of 2015 towards digital marketing? Are you happy with the type of progress you have made and unlocked new avenues for both your business and your prospects? Or are you still finding it tough to cope up the increasing pressure, wishing you knew or had a hint of the upcoming development so that you could have tried to sort out in the best possible way without any last moment load?

Still fearing about what next? How will you buck up during the next year if something ruptures at the last minute how are you going to manage?

Calm down because worrying won’t help. You have two choices- Forget everything and run or Face everything and rise up.

Talking about our brands we have all been on the toes day in and out meeting up the changing trends and prospects of the digital marketing sphere. Many tricks sky rocketing businesses and many making a pitfall let us not forget we also need to stay in the race in the upcoming year as well and try to help our audiences through our brand and climb a step of success with their support with our dedication towards them. Though we couldn’t utilize few trends and practice this year appropriately may be because of lack of capital or expert help or some other unfortunate uncertainty, but I am sure with sufficient amount of time for 2016 you would not wait to miss out on the opportunities that can turn out in your favor if planned thoroughly well in advance. So without wasting any more time, let us note down the best and predicted digital marketing trends for 2016.


Videos heading the charts

you tube video ranking

With the rising opportunities on social networks like Facebook and instagram, businesses are speeding up revising to portray their brand message and chain of products for their audiences through video along with content that will elaborate more about them in two ways- audio and visuals. This will thus create brand awareness, making your customers absorb the purpose of your brand for them. It is believed that people reciprocate more to visuals over just dull or plain framed content and that is why video is heading the chart with content marketing. Watch out for more in the year 2016 as videos head out to win this race and rule the various social networking platforms. This sounds really cool! Feeling left out? Hire a Pro today and rock your brand with more and better videos to reach new places in the market socially.


Listen and respond

Listen and respond

Another shifting phase in the digital trend is to respond rather than just post and publish content. Day by day people are loving brands. This is because brands are absorbing the need to humanize themselves to their audiences and then the purpose of their brand.

Interacting with them builds trust and belief in their minds and hearts of their customers through various ways like- responding to their queries, solving their issues over their brand, complimenting, seeking immediate attention to the loopholes or comments over their issues with respect to brand and so on.

Therefore channelizing on communication on social media platforms regularly becomes important to stop by and reach out to customers about how they feel, what they want from you and show your concern to them. Conversations are measured on the scale of quality that will generate talks, concerns for your audiences first and then increase in the scope of quality leads. Therefore, don’t always just listen, but respond with empathy.

So don’t miss out- conversation is the key to open locked doors.


Mobile optimization still is in the race

 The number of mobile searches on a daily basis is creating a massive ground of opportunities for the brands whose websites are mobile friendly or in short well optimized for the purpose of mobile. As mentioned earlier this year, Google will continue to support those websites who are ready to aid customers on all types of devices, keeping the same approach at any place any time with best deals, information and solutions.

This will thus leverage the chances of optimization of your website and products, giving you a better ranking as well as conversions.responsive-web-design If you still haven’t opted for mobile optimised than it’s a high time you hire a designer and adopt a responsive website for your brand. Responsive website in the future will thus open up many surprising opportunities in the digital market. Just sow the seeds and watch the sweet fruits grow in the upcoming era. You can find some amazing ready-made website theme template through My theme shop and get 15% discount on your purchase through this link.


Joining hands with content marketing

As we all know content will always be the king, there is no specific formula, no secret to lead yourself when it comes to marketing your content with the best post.

Content marketing is something that constantly makes you strive and experiment for the best each time in the post and come out with something out of the box. Content marketing agencies and creators help you target well your audiences through videos, content, etc.

This thus keeps your audiences amused and induces them to share your name through word of mouth or through social networking

Content Marketing



To survive in the competitive race you either need to hire a content creator or take an expert advice from the same and hit the goal to face the content jitters.

Brain dean has shown working theory on how content marketing be done and how can it skyscrape your online business.


Voice the stories


Digital Marketing trends


Right from people to brands each one of us has our own story to share. There is no prescription or instant formula to reach your audiences. The taste and psychology of human brain keep on changing as per the prevailing uncertainties and hurdles they face in day to day life.  Audiences hear out stories that are addressed towards their concerns and feel connected when they hear your story that heads a solution through experiences along with a piece of right knowledge.

Narrating stories stand out, to be an important aspect to reach more and more audiences as well as retaining the interest of the past and current prospects of audiences through a chain of variety. Perceive new prospects of the things which no one else can listen or understand, but your brand can aid customers with before anyone. The art of presenting your thoughts as a great storyteller is what influences your brand name as a friend cum mentor who creates an impact between the bunch of varied options amongst the market and thus adding the right value to your customers.


Being social

Being social is what is widely preached and practiced for all brands ranging from small to giants. This is because the awareness of your brand spreads like a wildfire when you are social on the best suited social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are the leading skippers on social media platforms from the huge pool of social channels.


Connecting through Social Media

All you need is to choose a platform that suits best for your brand and follow their notes. You can also take up an expert help or hire a digital marketing agency to help you out and suggest you a suitable stage for your brand to get highlighted.  Follow the mantra- “Be social because that is what will help you in long run”


Online paid ads

With organic search results taking a backseat and giving out slow results, brands will slowly shift from slow transformation to a fast pace world that will give them the desired results to stay ahead in the competition. This is possible with the help of PPC and mobile ads that will rule not only mobile apps but also social media platforms. You must have already seen social media platforms like Facebook and search engines lending out a supporting hand to those who are spending a good, decent amount on PPC ad campaigns to get reach the quality leads.

 Pay per click service for ranking



Still in second thought about online ad campaigns seek an expert advice and revise your digital marketing strategies for 2016 to take a perfect take off with your brand.

The art of igniting light through your brand as a friend cum mentor who creates an impact between the bunch of varied options amongst the market and thus adding the right value to your customers. Never miss out on such golden opportunities to serve your customers at the best.

The above-mentioned trends are going to rule charts in 2016. Are you missing out on these or would you like to share your concerns that you feel are important and missing out here? Feel free to pour in queries, share your views and have a discussion on the same.