Digital Marketing- A new awakening

Today everything around us is revolving around internet or I will say we have gone digital.
Where 3g and 4g have acquired internet speed, our ability of decision process too has gone faster. If you are a supplier you need to serve quick and as per your customer needs, else they have end number of options available in the market to chose from.

Earlier businesses were making use of mediums like Newspaper Advertisement, distributing Pamphlets, passing professional cards, etc. Image attached here shows the way of marketing we all use to follow earlier. The trend was not only Traditional, but it was also Expensive in terms to reach to the target audience.


But now people are more focused on information that is available online. 10 good reviews and your product is ranked # 1 or purchased. So what is that has changed the meaning of word Marketing? We now call it as “Digital Marketing”.

Today, be it any business, one don’t have to go door to door to sell their brand, one social promotion and their brand will reach to thousands of people around the globe.

Digital Marketing is an upcoming and the booming process of modern digital technology to reach out to the user. It is not only innovative but also a new awakening to reach people through the web, mobile apps, social media channels etc. because it is measurable and yet interactive.


Why shift to Digital Marketing?


Digital media is so fast in the rat race that people have access to a wide range of information available 24*7 at any place whenever they need it. Today, people around the globe can know you and get to learn about you in depth with the help of just few online clicks. Digital marketing is growing fast and you are getting exposed to all through walks of social media, peers, pals, social interactions, etc. This is because people want to know more about you and the service you offer which helps them to see people liking you, reviewing you, compare your work and your offerings which suits their needs and cater them and help in spreading the word about you creating a brand name in the market for you.

Why is digital marketing an important aspect of any business?

With a rapid change in technology and generations over a period of time people are moving from old methods to new methods for their daily routines which can be seen with the shift from the world of analogue in the world of digitalization. People are moving on from old radio sets to I-pods, desktops to tablets and more on. It is really a fast, drastic and positive change in our lifestyle.



The facets of digitization are far more versatile, quick to access through rational modes of communication. Not only a particular brand gets a chance to offer potential services to its audience but also do the audiences get a chance to pick the best from the endless list. Thus, both the buyers and sellers get an ample amount of opportunities to facilitate each other through digital marketing. Digital marketing is ideally affordable than old traditional methods of marketing. It is not only cost effective, but also time savvy. The results can be easily monitored and tracked with the help of online survey and review which can help you plan your future strategies in a far better effective manner. –



Companies are getting recognition with the use of digital trends showing enormous growth because people are deeply influenced and absorbing the digital content that is being brought into their contact regularly through digital marketing



Thus, the moral of the modern and digital marketing is that it does not change the tradition, but it strengthens it for a new challenge, beginning which will help you to either grow or learn out of it. –