12 ways to boost your business through content marketing  


Boost your business through content marketing

Imagine olden days when you would daily wake up in the morning grab a cup of tea or coffee and sit down with the one thing that made you start your day. What was it? It was the newspaper. People across the globe read newspapers. But what is the one element that made you read a particular news section. Any guesses? It was the content and more importantly the headline that captured your eyes and senses to know about it.

Now imagine yourself surfing something online to read, it can be anything- a poem, a small piece of news or information for your knowledge. What induces your senses to read that post? The same analogy applies currently.

People prefer reading stuff which is available to them online. Why? There are many reasons. Change in technology, birth of internet on our smart phones, time and place efficient, and many more things. Newspapers are getting replaced with e-papers. Right from small to large bit of information is now getting shared and spreading online like a wildfire.

Today businesses and brands across the globe spend huge amount of the capital in content marketing just to reach the right audiences and serve them to the best through their product and services. There are many of us out here who are spending their sources yet failing to engage consumers through content that can amplify into conversions.

What did you say content? Yes I said “Content” and not “Quality Content”.  So can you try to figure the difference between “Content” and “Quality Content”? Quality content separates you from the pile of ordinary content. It basically is produced to add value to the reader’s life. Quality content focuses on serving the best of solutions to the customers through their brand by educating them and not pitching towards pure marketing. 

So how does the concept of content marketing all together work? Keep reading more and I will help to clear your basic doubts when you think to opt for content marketing.

 As I mentioned before with an example of a newspaper how will you consider something worth reading or what will you first look out in the newspaper that will compel you to read ahead. Similarly, consider your post as the captivating headline that will create curiosity amongst the readers to read your content.

Before we start discovering the hurdles, let us have a rapid fire out here. Take down a piece of paper and pen and note all the points in a minute which according to you are important while making a smart content for your post.

Come let us now cross check with my checklist and help you get going.

  1. Objective of your brand
  2. Your target audience
  3. Keywords
  4. The mode and of message
  5. Visuals and a lot more…

If your list consists of any of the above mentioned than I must say you are doing fair enough, but I am sure you want much better than just fair enough for your brand right?

Imagine so many points we have being lately missing out and our brand is running behind in the race only because of incomplete content. Now what next should we do to overcome this obstacle and make a content that nails out? Come let’s jot out the checklist on a piece of paper and share this with your team and buck up.

Below mentioned points will make your vision more crystal clear towards producing quality content and just not mere content that we often fail to understand and that is why our efforts get hampered. Let us go step by step through some points that will make you think and focus why do you want to use content? Of course to reach audiences, win hearts and make profit out of sales. Let us figure out the missing key points in our content.

  1. Objective- We all have become experts in making content and sharing online on social media channels and other related sources on internet. But are we clear with the basics of creating content? Not all of us are clear. Find out the reason as to why are you creating content. Think and plan wisely. Without a correct objective for your content you will lose your direction to sail smoothly and face out the competition.

Always remember before you start your content think logically that how will your content serve its objective.

  1. Target audience- now since your objective is all set think about to whom will you share the content with? You will share with people right? But what kind of people? Are you aware or ever noticed with whom you will be sharing your content? Your brand is for customers obviously in order to reach them you will have to share something that will earn your brand those audiences. One must always research its market well about the purpose of the brand towards those people that will help in generating sales. These people are target audience. For this you should focus and work out towards the age group, gender, place or location from where you will target audiences to invite sales. Keeping a track on your competitors also helps you in understanding as to how can reach your audiences in a better way than your rivals.
  1. Posting Socially- Well now since you are cleared with your audiences you may be thinking where should I post my content. Since you are into making content you also may be thinking where can I get highlighted the most. Which are the basic sources of sharing and promoting my post. The channels of social media are bringing out a major reform amongst people in the way they converse and interact and also are their buying perspectives are getting transformed. All you need to do is figure out which social media channel is the best and suitable with the help of an expert and you can start posting your content. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn are the popular sources where the content is shared and promoted hugely.
  1. Message- So your sources are clear. We shall now look forward as to what to share? For this you need to understand the reason of producing your product and your basic objective for bringing out this product. Try to understand why and how different is your product help to quench the needs of the audiences. Think from the point of view of your audiences as to why they should buy your product instead of your competitor. What is the one missing feature in others that you can serve them well through your brand? Such should be the message of your brand.
  1. Keywords- when asked about one’s usage of keywords marketers say that they are very well versed with their keywords niche. For every killer post one should never dare overlook their keywords that solve the purpose of their online presence. Making use of keywords helps the search engines list you and rank you according to your niche on the results page. It helps them to classify from the pool of many and place you in the best and make your presence get noticed on the results page when someone comes out searching for your brand. Making appropriate use of keywords in your posts wherever and whenever necessary can make a huge difference for your brand overall.

It is equally important to now focus on the points that will trigger your content.   Don’t miss these one out. Since the basics are guiding you towards the transparency of content creation, you should also know what element will fix your message right so that your audiences reach you?

  1. Educating – The key point to start your content is t focus on educating your audiences through your message in the content. Let your readers percept through the information you share is made keeping in mind to their current scenario. The more you educate each time, the more audiences will drop in to you each time for best solutions.
  1. Conciseness- Ensure that whatever you are trying to say and convey your reader is passed on in brief using simple and transparent language as to stating the importance of your message. Keep it short and simple as not each of the reader would drop in to read each and every word.
  1. Precision- Focus on providing your readers with the facts and accurate details. People like to discover new insights of everything they come across and that no one apart from you has stepped forward to share it first. It can be images, amusing facts etc. Make sure you give your readers something new each time in your content.
  1. Eagerness or urge- We all daily come across many hurdles in a day to day life. Think from audience point of view as to what problem are they currently facing and how will your product help them meet their needs. Work on a particular problem in 360 degree angle of solution passing through your content interestingly that will create an urge to read and share your content.
  1. Language – Focusing on the medium of your language is equally important. Make use of correct grammar, follow punctuation rules wherever needed. Avoid using technical terms as all the readers may not be used to your world of technical words. While making a content consider audiences from across the globe, you never know which person will be reading your content. Simple language which is not only easy to understand but also easy to connect keeping in mind your message that needs to be highlighted.
  1. Visuals- Last but not the least comes your visual. Images play a very important part among people online. Images help people to relate through your content. Their senses are forced to wake up to visualize something new through your content in the form of your images, videos etc.
  1. Flexibility- After producing quality content your job doesn’t end there after one or two posts. This can risk your presence in the market. You need to be more and more flexible in regularly generating something fresh for your audiences that will keep them engaged towards your brand adding more and more value. The flexibility factor will help in boosting your web traffic and grant you with better ranks. To bring out that consistency in your content you should focus on your brand objective that can be presented out genuinely in many different ways.

If still feeling stuck hire some professional content marketing team that will help you produce some better content for you.

Internet is an ocean of information or you can say it is and encyclopedia of information that each one of us need somewhere in our daily life. To keep your business surviving in the competition it is thus becoming a necessity to invest in content marketing.

Never forget content is something that can make you or break you completely amongst the bunch of your competitor’s.

Your content will be continuous process of reminding your audiences that you too are present out for them to serve them.

You can also share with us your views about how content has helped reach your goals for the newbie’s. Still in doubts you can reach us with your queries about the same.