SEO and Deadpool

Deadpool has apparently gate crashed into our minds and is currently taking the overall collections records by storm.
Thanks to the viral marketing campaign  titled “The 12 days of Deadpool” by 20th Century Fox and the insane, below the belt jokes made by the ultimate Anti – Hero Wade Wilson aka Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool, the movie has managed to collect a whopping $300 millionin its worldwide weekend debut.

This comfortably makes the badass ‘Deadpool’the best opening weekend in the golden history of 20th Century Fox, as per a report by Forbes.


relation of deadpool with digital marketing

Image Credits : comicbook.com

I watched the movie a few days back and I couldn’t help but relate the movie with my own workplace i.e. digital marketing. Too bad, right?:P
But here’s the other side. SEO, like any other field, requires learning from the happenings around us, be it a super serious Google Penguin Update, a harmless EPL season or a real baddy, hottynaughty film (I meant Deadpool. Period).

This may sound a tad gross, but believe me, there are some hidden gems in this whole plot which ought to be put in the public domain for entrepreneurs and future Deadpools like you!

So don’t stop me tonight as I don the hat of a shitty movie reviewer and preach you on the top 7 SEO lessons you can learn from the man of the moment.

Why do we all love Deadpool? Because he doesn’t give a damn about the 16th Century old school style ‘Code of Ethics’ for the Saviours of the World and how the real superheroes should be like.

standing apart in business

Simply put, he acts like afcuking human!
Watch your rivals carefully and you will notice a pattern. The same marketing campaigns, the lame vlogs, the booringlooonnggg content… Agghh!
Stand apart from the rest of the pack. Stay unconventional, stay dominant. Carve your own path. Take them by surprise.
Audience likes something different, something which they can relate to easily.
If you offer the same lousy content, the same lame advice, the same Bingo strategies used a million times before, you end up in the 97% bracket of SEO firms.
You can only reach the top 3% of the successful lot in your fantasies, if you persist with your on going approach.
You can get a glimpse of such marketing tactics in my previous article on Guerrilla Marketing SEO.


not to give up in seo business

Image Courtsey : npr.org

That headline came because I’m addicted to this Deadpool song ‘X Gon Give it to ya’.

Wade Wilson, the lead guy, was detected with terminal cancer. Though his death was presumed to be inevitable, he did not quit.
There will be times in your business life where you find no takers for your content, not a single customer interested for your products and services, basically going through a crap phase of your life.
But don’t let yourself down. Remember one thing, God gives the strongest battles to His mightiest and dumbest soldiers.
If you’re mighty, keep trying again and again and success will kiss you’re a**.
If you’re dumb, make sure you hold a meeting with your content team, marketing team etc. as to where the firm is erring.
Maybe some late realization might save your firm from going bloke in the future.


adapt to situation

Not like this, although the reverse is strongly recommended. Botox, anybody?

Deadpool, Wade Wilson went through a lot of costume changes and eventually stuck to the red and black suit, so thatbad guys don’t see him bleed!
Even the character name was previously Captain Deadpool for some seconds.
Clickers, one of the publicly known secrets of successful enterprises is the ability of such firms to adapt to changing terms.
With the introduction of Google’s PageRank Algorithm, some things which were being presumed to be very important ceased to be so.
Google has managed to bring some changes in the SEO dynamics.
Change is the only constant in life. Even in SEO.
Such changes happened, are still happening and will continue to happen in the future. It’s up to your firm as to how it adapts and suits the conditions and earns brownie points in the SEO game.
So it’s better to be adaptable in the age of ‘Survival of the Fittest’.


networking is important for business

Deadpool’s on a mission to save his bae from the Evil Ajax and the hot chick Angel Dust.
Although Deadpool is perfectly designed to defeat the antagonists, it requires some good friends like Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead to free his babe and win her back.
It’s a tough task to gain momentum and win the rank race all by yourself.
Thus it seems prudent to tie up strategically with some specialized entities to create a win – win situation for both of you.
This helps especially in an oligopolistic niche market, where the consumer class is untouched and competition is less.
This will not only add up to your resources but will also enhance your monetary value in the market.


define area of interest

Ajax had brutally disfigured Wade’s face.
What should be the natural response from the latter? Anger, hatred, hasty decisions and an eventual doom.
Deadpool understands this and therefore he remains his natural self, badass, playful and a bit pervy at times.
In short he enjoys what he does, gunning down the villain’s men, dancing in bits in the process and making a delicious kebab out of one guy.
It’s essential that you define your area of interest. Conduct an exhaustive SWOT analysis.
Learn to enjoy your work. Be passionate about what you do.
If you’ve zero passion towards your job, then it’s futile to slog days and nights in a bid to create a brand out of your firm.


unpredictable seo with risks

Wade Wilson was a mercenary-for-hire living in New York City in his previous avatar.
After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, he was given a choice to undergo a secret treatment which would save his life.
Though it meant departing from his love, he thought about the end result and went ahead with the decision.
And thus was born a new Superhero!
SEO is unpredictable within the core of its predictability. To gain a slight edge over your rivals, certain situations might emerge out of the blue.
Never shy from taking risks, except when some of them are bound to gift you plenty of losses.
It’s important to assess such situations and take calculated steps.
A proper planning structure, efficient management and smooth execution are crucial in such cases.


Dont settle for less

No, that isn’t his girl.

Wade had gone to his lady after his face was decorated with some nasty treatment. But he couldn’t muster the courage to meet her, citing the reason that she might abandon him after seeing his condition.
His determination peaked when she was abducted. He fought the goons, killed Ajax and got back his love.
And in the whole film sequence, got shot, had his hand cut off by himself, was beaten up by the Villain etc etc.
When you’re thinking big, one should not settle for anything less.
If you’re here because you wish to be the best digital marketing firm in the world, a winning mindset is a must.
Aim low and you will always be a loser.

So that’s it for my article. Feel free to rate my views in the comment section below.
Do share this useful piece of information since the message applies to people from all walks of life, provided they have seen the movie.