7 checklist to charge your Brand with SEO

Before doing seo check this 7 checklist 

Points to check for SEO

1. Content is King: Rich content will always produce great results. Even if you don’t know how to do seo, you can just manage to write rich and original content. Google loves content and gradually a good writing gets its position in results.

2. Keyword selection: Selecting right keyword is important to rank. You just can’t pick up any keyword and write about it, focus on what your customers are asking, what problems are they facing and how can you help them with the same.

3. Friendly words: Always try to use as simple terms as possible in content. Remember your target audience doesn’t have knowledge on all kind of technical terms that you would be aware of. Simpler and friendly words which make easy connection will let them go through your each post and subscribe to your Blog.

4. Landing Page Optimisation : Imagine you search for something in Google and results you get are www.xyz.in/p2352.html?? Would you be able to understand what this page is about and is it going to take care of the query you gave in Google, well, I guess no. That’s why it’s important to make your landing pages optimized with keyword in url or an idea on what the page is about, this way your Bounce rate will get low and which in turn will help you to rank.

5. Mobile Website: 80% of internet users are mobile users. It’s very important to make your website responsive, so that you can give an equally good experience to mobile user about your website.

6. Link Building: Take your viewers through all related posts through your articles. If, possible take them to some other blog links which you feel user might be interested in reading. This way you are giving them optimum experience on your blog and they shall be happy to come back.

7. Customer Focus: After all, customer is King. Focus on customer choice and experience rather than adding or modifying content only for sake of rank. This way you can increase your organic and referral results more.

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