6 super easy and fundamental ways to beat the local marketing phobia

local marketing

A lot of fuss over local marketing game plans, and other strategies in digital marketing were found to be tried and tested yet many proved to be pitfalls in the last year.

When it is about “Marketing” a business at local level one is often surrounded by delusion as well as builds castles in the air. With the addition to end number of growing options and new online platforms along with social media it is now being a tedious job to maintain and cope up with the changing speed of practicing and adopting local marketing and that is what locales fear the most in the race.

Local market refers to making a product or service available to that particular region in which a business is established whereas local marketing is defined as targeting the local market or the vicinity around your business keeping in mind the on-going competition rather than focusing on the bunch of big shots.

local marketing

We often observe big fishes capturing on the small markets through their resources and feel left out amongst the crowd cursing themselves that since they are miniatures, they are often lacking out in the race.

Our mind never tries to consume their ideologies and that is what actually turns out to be a constant cause of the barrier of one’s success.

What does local marketing give you?

  1. Helps in planning your usage of resources
  2. Gives access to the markets in your vicinity
  3. Changing trends of the consumers can be traced
  4. Locales can support you with word of mouth
  5. It becomes easy to trace the right solution to the prevailing problem a consumer faces
  6. The more the competition, the more you will urge on working hard balancing your costs and labor along with the outputs.


With New Year’s beginnings, comes new hopes, new trials and tribulations but nothing can come to pause. The show must go on and hence today let us break this ice today and face the marketing fears with a skyrocketing plan.

Below mentioned are 6 super easy and fundamental ways to beat the local marketing phobia.

1. Bring on the process of SEO


This one is especially for the newbie’s. The world is experiencing and accepting the change from the old boring methods of marketing which included distribution of hard copies, TV ads etc  to the modern techniques of marketing comprising of sponsored ads, websites, surfing on Google or any other search engines etc.

seo process

Image credit : wealthyevolution

If you are still stuck with the old tricks and tired of testing them repeatedly over the years, than SEO is a sure shot for you to try out, really a high time for you guys! Common don’t waste much time.

Hunt for am SEO expert who will help your targeted audiences reach you and will also help in expanding your roots from local to higher level of the desired audience.

But first focus on capturing the local market because that is the main source for your business from where your brand will commence it’s journey and embrace a turning point on your sales graph.

GO grab the golden opportunity by welcoming your awaited audiences out on internet.


2. Stop typical marketing gags on social media platforms

We have heard that to drive traffic to a website we need organic traffic. It is slow yet effective and free of cost right! The same is the case social media but there is a very thin line of difference to being organic.


When you are on social media platforms it should not always become a habit to post and boast all about your product and services.

The main purpose of social media is to listen, talk and engage with the audiences around you.

The frequency of your marketing should not hamper your newbie audiences who are looking out for a chance to first know more about you through interaction and then check out for your promotional deals and offers.

This is because communication is the main key to open many locked doors and explore the undiscovered facet.


In case you or your team finds it difficult to mark your online presence I would suggest you to hire a PRO to help you out and then start the self practice.


3. Responsive theme to your website

responsive website design

Since last year Google has already announced of bringing into websites that are responsive to all types of users.

Yet many of the marketers are lenient over the whole theory, but Google has its eye on all and it can be observed while ranking and other related aspects of being the most trending search engine.

So how does it work?

Let me explain. Have you noticed local eatery brands getting famous and minting money? What is the main cause behind their rising margins? A responsive website! Yes you heard it right. Day-by-day businesses/brands are opting to make a responsive website or change the theme form non-responsive to the opposite.

The buyer highly influence on the purchasing prospects.

This is mainly because approximately 3/4 th of the population be it youth, middle age or oldies all are getting well versed with the use of smart phones which makes it  convenient to surf, compare and purchase easily from any remote areas and get your stuff delivered at the right place with simple online payment services.

After this trend being successful and viral amongst the big shots the small fishes too are switching on to their modes of responsive website to drive in more of local sales along with domestic sales.

Also active presence on mobile phones through mobile apps, local listings will also add up your leads. What are you waiting for?

Hire a website designer today!

4. Avoid being too much stock of information

cta buttons


You must have observed many sites on internet that are filled with really good amount of information for their readers but they lack the traffic, they lack in getting the desired leads, the fail to connect the visitors.


The previous year saw a huge market for Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads etc. but did you notice something? What was a common point and idea behind the whole theory which many of us failed to induce in our local marketing plan?

Those were their methods of promoting best deals/coupons/offers/call us/ learn more etc. that took on the toll. It’s the “Call-to-action” buttons that help the users to reach the brand/services or inquire through mails/contact numbers etc.

Remember often too much use of bland information too can prove to be negative and dangerous for your brand. Instead feed the viewers with some irresistible urge that will not only bring them back to you but also help you grow amongst their set of circles.

5. Be open to search engine advertising

sponsored google post

Organic leads and methods are taking back seat for many of the businesses. The main cause of this is the growing competition along with the introduction to the new techniques and tools to pull in the leads.

Businesses are rapidly shifty their mode from organic to paid ads on various search engines. The sponsored ads appear on the right side of the results page with respect to the surfed keyword results.

This type of advertising is very useful for the ones whose website fails to top results chart along with keeping an eye on its target reach. The charges of such ads depend on the number of clicks it captures.

One can always attract good amount of leads through this method. The same goes with social media ads that appear in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. you can decide your budget and audiences as per your convenience.

6. Bring on the E-commerce Mantra

e commerce website mantra

Just like when you enter a mall and glance all those dazzling items on the display before you actually hop inside the shop to purchase your essentials, now-a-days even virtual display is becoming important with business ranging from small scale to large scale.

Buyers literally want to have a virtual tour over the products and services that your brand provides. Basically it is an online store.

The purchasing power of the buyers hugely depends on what they see and hear about you across the internet from any place at any time.

Then why do you want to stay away and risk your brand.

E-commerce can save a lot of time from business point of view. The modes of payment, availability of a product, maintaining consumers accounts, purchase orders etc all will be well taken care off when you bring in the E-commerce website opening up new avenues for your business.

The next time you feel any kind of marketing fear don’t forget to reach us for help.

So what will be you next step towards local marketing? If my above words are reaching your mind and heart assuring you that they will definitely help you then please go ahead and do the needful and apply the strategies for local marketing this year.

Do share with us your experiences and views on the same.

Tune in for more news and discover the insights of Digital marketing.